5 Steps to Develop a Fashion Sense from Scratch

There are some women who have a knack of perceiving what looks great when worn together, but there are also some who aren’t. If you feel inspired to refresh your current style, keep on reading for our 5 steps to develop your fashion sense from scratch.

  1. Define your signature style.

floral dress with pink coat and metallic pumps

ripped jeans with button down shirt pleated skirt with button down shirt and coat pink sweater with pastel pants off shoulder dress with boho bag

A good way to begin defining your signature style is to explore some style genres you feel attracted to. Some of them may be classic, preppy, sexy, hipster, edgy, casual, glamorous, bohemian, vintage, and minimal that may define your fashion style. If your style choices look overwhelming, start by crossing off the ones that don’t embody your desired style and resort for ones that speak to your sensibility. If you find yourself attracted to two or more opposite styles, make that your reference to guide your sartorial choices as you begin your fashion exploration.

  1. Pick the good-fitting and flattering pieces for you.

cold shoulder romper skinny jeans with button down shirt printed romper peplum top with shorts embellished pumps with pink bag and casual outfit

When picking clothes off the rack, going for the perfect fit is your priority. If you have some existing pieces in your wardrobe, pay attention to which ones your friends peers compliment you on. Sometimes, we have some article of clothing that we truly love as it looks perfect on a mannequin, but not on us so our peers can also be a good reference to inform which styles look best on us. Also, pay attention to your body type as full skirts look more flattering on pear-shaped women while peplum tops flatter straight figures.

  1. Have a go-to uniform.

breezy white dress with peep toe boots sweater with chic shorts striped dress with quirky sunglasses sporty outfit with sneakers crochet top with floral pants

Examine your closet and pull out the pieces you wear the most. This way, you can see your typical go-to uniform that you always feel comfortable wearing. Take note of outfits you see that you like, and break down the components of the look into a formula. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, a plain top teamed with printed pants, or a sweater paired with chic shorts would be great. Even if you aren’t happy with your current wardrobe, you’re likely to have a few pieces you gravitate toward. Focus on your favorite pieces whether it’s a leather jacket, tuxedo blazer, jeans, sporty tee and such. Once you become clear on what you like about your favorite pieces, you can use those as a jumping-off point for making future purchases.

  1. Incorporate complementing accessories to your style.

yellow dress with fringe boots retro chic outfit quirky sunglasses with preppy outfit floral yellow prints top black skirt boho outfit with tribal necklace

Accessories can make or break your look, so pick ones that define your personality. If you’re a fan of a trendy style, you may be drawn to brightly colored pieces as well as quirky items. On the other hand, a woman with a classic fashion personality loves elegant jewelry and neutral-colored pieces. If you love some carefree and ethnic vibe, opt for tribal necklaces to complement your bohemian outfit. If you’re a bit romantic and flirty, floppy hats may be great for your looks.

  1. Explore fashionable trends and looks that work for you.

sweater with pastel culottes sheer black dress with flats pajama top with jeans fringe skirt with sweater denim dress with mustard top

If you want to change anything about your style, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone. You can do this by exploring trends and looks that work for you and incorporating them to your basic outfits.  Keep in mind that everyone with great style has gone through this so feel free to experiment. This way, you’ll create a great fashion sense and style that’s original and unique.

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