5 Spring Trends You Probably Already Have in Your Closet

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to look stylish and follow trends. Sometimes, all you really need to do is get creative, be resourceful, and use what you have in your closet. Now, as winter comes to a close and spring draws near, there are new trends that will come out and hit the streets but before you do any shopping, why not check what’s in your closet first? Here are some spring trends you probably already have in your closet.

  1. Colorful stripes – rainbow stripes or colorful stripes are taking over this spring and I’m pretty sure you have at least one piece of clothing item in your closet that has this print. It doesn’t have to have all the seven colors of the rainbow; anything with colorful stripes on them does the job.rainbow chevron striped midi skirt
    rainbow striped sweater
  2. Daytime sequins – if you’ve ever gone to any evening event then I guarantee you have something sequined in your closet. Now, you don’t have to wait for an invite to a dressy party before wearing your sequined piece because you can start wearing them anytime you want, even during the day.sequined maxi skirt with sneakers sequined skirt and stripes
  3. Latina-inspired pieces – off shoulder tops, rosettes, embroidered roses – you may not notice it but your wardrobe is brimming with Latina-inspired pieces and, lucky you, this is one of the spring trends that will hit the runway and the streets this year!latina inspired embroidery latina inspired off shoulder and lace outfit
  4. Bomber jacket – just a year or two ago, the bomber jacket made it to the list of must have outerwear and this spring, it is returning to the spotlight so bust out those bomber jackets you bought then and get creative styling them now.bomber jacket in army green bomber jacket with floral prints
  5. Bohemian rocker look – the trend, as a whole, may be relatively new but take them apart and it’s basically just two past trends put together to create an interesting new look. If you’ve ever gone Boho before and you’ve also, at least once, tried rocking the rocker look, you’re pretty much set in following this trend.bohemian rocker cool outfit boho rocker chic

These trends are just proof that in the fashion world, history does repeat itself. Some of the trends from the past may just surprise you by returning to the spotlight so be ready and always check your wardrobe first before you blow off a ton of cash to do some shopping. Remember that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to stay stylish.


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