5 Spring Denim Trends You Need to Wear Now

While denim is something that we usually wear all year round, denim trends are the most exciting during spring. During this time of the year, we expect cool, cute, and chic denim trends to dominate the runways, the streets, and of course, the shops. If you’re looking for your next denim look obsession, check out these spring denim trends you need to try now.


Jeans with Staggered Hems

staggered hem edgy spring look

staggered jeans outfit

Jeans with staggered hems are the perfect addition to any outfit that needs some dressing down. You can have the hems staggered on just about any style of jeans, be it skinny, flared, straight cut, or anything else. What’s more is that staggered hems are great for flattering your ankles, too, and with the right pair of shoes you could even look a few inches taller wearing jeans with staggered hems.


Denim Ruffles

ruffle sleeves outfit ruffle jeans and rainbow top

Now, here’s a denim trend that’ll throw you back right into the 80s — denim ruffles on your pants add such a nice laidback and feminine flair to any look. They are perfect for street style outfits that  you want to lend a bit of a boho-slash-hippie vibe to and they’re great for adding a subtle yet still somehow bold statement to your look.


Lace Up Denims

lace up jeans outfit lace up jeans in white on kylie jenner

Gone are the days when your lace-up obsessions were limited to shoes and bodysuits. This season, everyone is obsessing over lace up denims and they’re practically the best thing to happen to jeans! Lace up details are perfect for adding a cooler and edgier vibe to your look, but they can lend a hint of subtle sexiness to it, too. You’ll usually find lace up details on the sides, the front, or the hemline of jeans so it’s up to you to choose how to rock this trend.


Fantastic Fringe

fringe hem denim dress fringe top denim off shoulder

Fringe is something we usually look forward to wearing in the fall, but this year fashionistas are showing off their gams in fringe-filled denim pieces and we’re all excited! Fringed denims, no matter what style, always lends a nice country vibe to any look. When worn with more sophisticated pieces, however, it can turn any outfit from cheap to chic real quick.


Embroidered Envy

embroidered denim jacket embroidered skinny jeans

Embroidery has always been a great way to add ornate details to any piece and if you’re looking for a cool new way to spice up your look, why not embroider a denim piece or two and kill the local fashion scene with your look? You don’t have to spend days actually doing the embroidery on your denim piece because you can always opt for iron-on patches to fake the look, but if you’re up for a bit of a challenge, why not?





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