5 Spooky but Cute Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is coming up in just a few couple of weeks and while the kids get to have fun roaming around, trick or treating to their hearts’ content, I know all the fashionistas out there are going to have a good time partying in their fierce and fabulous Halloween costumes. Speaking of Halloween costumes, have you thought about what to wear yet? If you’re still looking for Halloween costume inspirations, check out these Halloween costume ideas from Lauren Conrad and get inspired. If you already have something in mind and just need something to really make it pop, a cool nail art design may just be what you need to take your Halloween look to the next level. Here are some cool and spooky nail art ideas for Halloween.

  • Graveyard scene – nothing’s scarier than walking along a graveyard at night, especially on Halloween. Start off your design by doing a cool gradient / ombre color base. The combination of gray and some purples or blues make the best nighttime sky look. Then, once you have your base dry, start drawing the tombstones and other details on. It’s quite a tedious process but it looks really cool. If you don’t have nail art tools at home, you can have this done at a nail salon instead.

graveyard nail art with black cat

graveyard scene nail art

  • Black cat – black cats have been believed to be an omen of bad luck / ill fate and many people fear it so if you’re looking for something cute and a little creepy but not ghost-scary then this may just be the nail art design for you.

evil black cat nail polish black cat tips

  • Jack Skellington – if you’ve seen the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” then you probably know Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town who often dresses as a skeleton in a suit with a bowtie. If you’re looking for something simple, fun and easy to do, this nail art design is for you. You’ll need black and white as your main colors but you can also add other colors as you wish.

Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas jack skellington how to black and white jack skellington nail art

  • Bloody nails – ready to get gore? How about doing bloody nails? Don’t worry, you won’t be needing real blood for this nail art. There are lots of ways to portray bloody nails but the most popular, by far, seems to be blood dripping from the tip of the nails and it’s quite easy to do as well. Another popular design features either nude or white nails splattered with blood (red nail polish).

bloody nails realistic dripping blood how to nail art bloody mess dripping blood nail art

  • Witchy claws – going as a hot and sexy witch to the party this Halloween? Make sure your look is complete and don’t forget to put on your witchy claws. You can get the look done by attaching acrylics to your nails and trimming them so they look like claws. It would also be cool if you could paint a few Wiccan symbols on your nails to really go all out on the witchy look.

shiny black witchy claws wiccan witch nails gold stickers wiccan symbol


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