5 Sophisticated Activewear Outfits to Try at Work

Activewear outfits are no longer just for your athletic pursuits. You can wear them to the mall – even to work as well – simply by heeding these tips on how to style activewear outfits with sophistication.

Sexy in Sports Bras

Sports bras are not just for running, they can be used for work-inspired activewear outfits as well. Since you can’t wear them all alone, the best way to channel this athleisure piece is to wear it underneath your blazers, coats, or button-down tops. Your favorite sports bra can take over the role of your trustworthy cami in providing a comfy basic layer to your office attires.

sports bra attire

sports bra outfit sports bra

Heavenly in Hoodies

Hoodies are perfect for workouts, and they are ideal for work as well. In order to pull off these activewear outfits, wear them with girly materials such as fitted coats and sexy skirts. Not only will these help you achieve the popular athleisure look, a hoodie can keep you warm in a cold office – and dry during the pesky rainy season. As an added bonus, you can pig out in a hoodie and not worry about the ugly look of your newly-fed belly.

hoodie with dress hoodie outfit hoodie attire

Trendy in Track Pants

Track pants are not just for jogging and other physical activities. They can be worn to work as well. These activewear outfits can be worn at work – without looking too casual – simply by wearing them with structured and sophisticated tops. Complete the look with killer shoes for comfy yet chic activewear outfits you can wear repeatedly.

black track pants outfit black track pants hoodie outfit

Youthful in Tennis Skirts

Midi and maxi skirts are perfect for work, but did you know that you can wear tennis skirts as well? Even if you don’t know how to play Maria Sharapova’s game, you can look as stunning as the young tennister by crafting office-appropriate activewear outfits. Looking stunning in said skirts is very simple, as you can immediately achieve a respectable look with a cute sweater or a crisp button-down shirt.

tennis skirt tennis skirt attire tennis skirt outfit

Whimsical in White Sneakers

White sneakers are hands-down favorites of celebrities, from Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner. Like these models, white sneaks can be comfy and stylish inclusions to your activewear outfits for work. If you want to perfect the look without much problems, remember that white sneakers look best with a simple dress. You can also wear it to a meeting by pairing your white sneaks with a black blazer, pants, and white (or graphic) tee.

white sneakers outfit white sneakers attire white sneakers

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