5 Snakeskin Pieces You Need in Your Wardrobe

If you could only have one type of leather in your wardrobe for the rest of your life, what would you like it to be? I, personally, would choose to go with snakeskin just because I think it looks the fiercest and I think you should consider it, too! Snakeskin leather, whether faux or real, is absolutely stunning. The pattern on this is very unique and the look of it alone can truly take your outfit to the next level, even if it’s not a leather piece. Here are some snakeskin pieces you need in your wardrobe.

  1. Snakeskin pattern pencil skirt – a pencil skirt with the pattern of snakeskin leather is exactly what every girl needs on days when she wants to look fiercer and more fabulous in the office but can’t really go for anything too dramatic because of the dress code. Simply pair it up with a simple button down shirt and heels and you’re done.pencil skirt in snakeskin and eyelet top
    pencil skirt with snakeskin print
  2. Snakeskin coat – taking the simple and minimalistic route is always a good idea until you get bored of your look. If you happen to wear something that’s a tad too ordinary for your liking, simply top off your look with snakeskin printed outerwear. It’s a quick and easy fix that will give you an effortlessly gorgeous look.coat and lbd outfit coat in yellow snakeskin print
  3. Snakeskin boots – if you’re the type who likes to always vamp it up and look sexy and posh, a pair of snakeskin boots is a definite must have for you. Choose one with a pointy toe to take the level of sexiness even further up a notch. Make sure to go with a neutral color scheme to keep your pair from looking cheap and tacky.sexy thigh high boots and slit dress sexy snakeskin boots with chunky heels
  4. Snakeskin purse – if you want your snakeskin piece to be subtle but still have an impact on your outfit, try a snakeskin purse. It won’t be the focal point of your whole look but it will make your whole outfit in general look a lot more chic. When choosing a snakeskin purse, try to go for one with very minimal details to keep it from having too much going on.gorgeous snakeskin purse gorgeous outfit with snakeskin purse
  5. Snakeskin printed dress – if you’ve come to love snakeskin, be it leather or print, and you feel like you’re ready to go full on with it, how about donning a snakeskin print dress on? It’s a great way to play with print texture in your look and an even better way to look super hot and fabulous.

snakeskin print dress with matching purse snakeskin print dress and gold feather belt

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