5 Signs You Have a Low-Key Minimalist Style

“Less is more” and “no fuss” are probably just a few of the description you fit in if you if you’re a true minimalist, with endless options of timeless styles and neutral shades as your go-to fashion look. However, if you aren’t sure on which look you belong to, keep on reading for the 5 signs of a low-key minimalist style.

  1. Your wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals and basics.

gray coat with black outfit

white tee with leather skirt and gladiators

Your wardrobe is mostly black and white and going bold for you means navy, gray, or blush. This goes without saying. Also, the little black dress isn’t just a staple as it’s your go-to piece both day and night. Most of your evening outfits can easily be worn during the day with a structured jacket or knit. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, you add some flair to your all-black outfit with a gray coat and a pair of sexy boots that will make everything look classy at the same time edgy.

  1. You pay attention to simplicity and structure.

architectural top with leather trousers culottes with leather vest minimalist black dress with belt

A minimalist style is known for clean lines and good structure and wearing culottes, structured vests, boxy tops, architectural tops and such work for you. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, you can easily add some flair to your basic leather trousers and black sneakers with an architectural top that will make everything look modern. Or, make your dressy culottes perfect for a casual weekend by topping it with a leather vest teamed with classic pumps.

  1. You always look timeless and sophisticated.

black midi dress with gray coat structured long cest with black pants

Even though you refresh your minimalist looks with modern touches, you stick to classic and timeless style that always look sophisticated, and you shy away from sparkly, avant-garde, and extravagant details. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, a black dress teamed with a gray coat, or a black vest teamed with black pants can be enough to look smart and polished on your street looks.

  1. You love classic accessories and shoes like the ankle strap sandals, pumps, or mules.

black slip dress with minimalist gray coat white pants with black top casual outfit with black coat

They classic accessories and shoes go with everything. If you’re feeling bold you may even include an animal print style or stripes. Also, you have a great selection of lasting wardrobe staples including a black designer bag and classy jewelry. Your collection may include a statement piece, but is mostly made up of simple styles like thin rings, subtle diamonds, a gorgeous necklace, and a stunning classic cuff that can dress up any outfit. A great man-style watch works just as well too.

  1. You find monochromatic outfits easy and effortless.

navy sweater with pants leather trousers with boots and black vest

Because stripes and monochrome are always in fashion, you always look fashionable and sophisticated with these timeless styles. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, you can get a classy look with a monochromatic outfit whether it’s a sweater teamed with leggings, or a vest teamed with leather trousers and boots. If you’re a true fashion minimalist, you know that a minimalist girl never has to worry about not getting it right.

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