5 Sexy Clothes you can Wear to Work

Have a lot of sexy items in your closet? Well then, you don’t have to use them only for intimate moments. You can also put them to good use at the office! All you need to do is create an OOTD with these sexy clothes you can wear to work.

Bra Top

A bra top is perhaps one of the most adventurous clothes you can wear to work. This goes beyond the limits of work wear – but you can get away with it as long as you style your bra top the right way. For one you can make it your basic layer to the usual office suit. This will give your look a hint of sexiness – with formality along the way.



Sheer Top

A sheer top might be your go-to blouse for summer, and this fall, it can be the same case as well. However, if you want sexy clothes you can wear to work, know that all you need to do is layer them properly. You can wear them underneath a dress, such as the example below. Should you decide to go with the sheer top only, wear a same-colored or neutral-colored bra or bandeau underneath.

sheer-top sheer-blouse

Slip Dress

A slip dress is one of the sexy clothes you can wear to work, as long as it is layered properly. You can throw a blazer or jacket one, or you can wear a sweatshirt or button-down polo underneath. With this combination, you can achieve the retro Kate Moss look right at the comfort of your own cubicle.

slip-dress-outfit slip-dress

Strapless Dress

Showing skin can be a taboo in the office. But you can circumvent this ruling by wearing a strapless dress at the office. This is one of the good sexy clothes you can wear to work – as long as it is layered properly. You can go ahead and wear it with a blazer – or you can think out of the box and wear a top underneath.

strapless-dress strapless-outfit

Slit Skirt

Showing legs at the office can be done in a sexy yet respectable way with a slit skirt. This usually comes with a conservative length, although the peek-a-boo factor is out of this world. Think about wowing your officemates with that they think is an office-friendly attire. To balance the look of these sexy clothes you can wear to work, pair your slit skirts with more ‘conservative’ tops.

slit-skirt slit-skirt-outfit

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