5 Secrets to Mixing and Matching Clothes

When it comes to looking your best while out and about, there is much more to it than simply showcasing your designer pieces head-to-toe and wearing your trendy pieces. To give you a head start when it comes to mixing and matching your outfits, keep on reading for the 5 secrets to mixing and matching clothes.

  1. Choose color combinations that work well.

brown vest with button down shirt

checkered coat with effortlessly cool outfit sweater with camel coat and white skirt

The key to complementing each item of clothing is choosing color combinations that work well. Just try on various tones and hues, and figure out which ones look best on you. Once you’ve chosen the most attractive color, start picking one or two hues to balance it out. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may opt for two neutral shades like a pair of black pants and gray coat teamed with a pastel blue button-down shirt. This way, you’ll look more effortless at the same time polished regardless whether you for a pair of heels or sneakers.

  1. Think formal or casual.

checkered shirtdress with striped coat cozy sweater with skirt and boots

When you’re actually choosing which items to wear, you should always think about the situation and the level of formalness or casualness that it dictates. This way, you’ll be able to mix and match whatever items of stylish clothing you own quite easily. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may add some polish to your casual shirtdress by topping it with a classic coat that adds some classy vibe to your street style.

  1. Focus first on your tops.

boho chic outfit with skirt color blocked top with coat and

When building your wardrobe, begin with the tops. Generally, tops are where you will get the most variety so you won’t want to limit yourself by choosing some trousers first. From tank tops and button down shirts to long-sleeved shirts and t-shirts, there is plenty for you to choose from. Just make sure the designs fit with the color scheme you’ve already created. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may opt for a white top in a breezy style teamed with pastel blue tiered skirt that screams boho-chic.

  1. Bottom pieces should provide balance.

retro skirt with metallic top sailor blazer with relazed pants

Though you may think of plain bottoms, you can actually opt for printed ones that can add some flair to your plain tops. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, think of a retro print maxi skirt that can balance your metallic pink top, making it work in the daytime.

  1. Polish your outfit with accessories.

floral blouse with forest green skirt and chic bag all white outfit with orange bag all white outfit with camel coat and sunglasses

Feel free to go for whatever accessories you like. As long as they match with the style and the color scheme, you can mix these items to create a fashion-forward look. This includes sunglasses, shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, and such that will give you a stylish look no matter where you are around town. By heeding these tricks, you’ll end up with a complete wardrobe that makes it easy to coordinate your clothes no matter what the occasion.

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