5 Runway Model Haircuts for a Chicer Look

A great haircut can make or break your look. If you want to head turns wherever you might be, then make sure to try any (or all) of these runway model haircuts or a chicer look.

Twiggy: Retro Bob

When it comes to iconic runway model haircuts, nothing else comes close to Twiggy’s retro bob. During her time when long hair was in, Twiggy rose up above the rest with her face-skimming haircut. People usually think that this is hard to pull off, but it’s not the case. Ask your hairstylist for the right angles in order to make your face appear smaller – even if you haven’t done your contouring yet.



Charlee Fraser: Textured Bob

Charlee, the darling of Kenzo and Hermes, among many others, is known for her luscious long brown locks. But now, Charlee has reverted to a textured bob – just one of the many runway model haircuts that you can try for a chicer look. Because of its disheveled nature, it’s perfect for girls who don’t have much time to fix their hair in the morning.

charlee-hair charlee-fraser

Karlie Kloss: Lob

If Twiggy’s retro bob and Charlee’s textured bob are too short for you, you can still prevail with the runway model haircuts by trying out Karlie’s lob. This long bob carries a medium-length cut that’s perfect for ladies who can’t go too short or too long. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it’s very versatile – you can wear your hair up or down, depending on your mood and the occasion.

karlie-kloss-lob karlie-kloss

Gisele Bundchen: Beach Babe

Although summer is over, you can still the beachy babe look by copping Gisele’s runway model haircuts. While it seems to be low-maintenance, you need to secure spritzes and mousses to perfect her look. It’s perfect for work, as it is perfect for casual day-outs with your BFFs. With this “I woke up like this” appearance, you can channel a sexy beach babe – although it’s very cold outside.

giesele-bundchen gisele-bundchen-hair

Freja Beha Erichsen: Rock Chic Look

If you want to achieve edgy runway model haircuts, then go for Freja’s rock chic look. This low-maintenance hairstyle is something you can pull off even if you are late to the office. However, to achieve the same punk chic aura, you need to do some teasing and tousling every now and then. Since these activities are easy to do, I’ll doubt you’ll get tired of this haircut anytime soon.

freja-haircut freja-hair

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