5 Risky Fashion Trends that You Should Try Out Right Now

Some fashion staples are relatively safe – and some are rather precarious. Although this is the case, there must be an inner voice in you saying that you should go ahead and try it out anyway! If you are feeling stylishly daredevil this month, then here are some risky fashion trends that you should try out right now.

Bell-Sleeved Tops

70’s styles are considered by some as risky fashion trends. But if you dare go out of the box, then make sure to try bell-sleeved tops. Because of the immense volume of the top, make sure to wear it with skintight bottoms (leggings, skinny jeans or pencil skirts.) Avoid wearing a billowy bottom so as not to look ‘bigger’ than usual.

bell sleeve top outfit

purple bell sleeve top bell sleeve top


Most people think that suede is tacky, but it is actually one of the risky fashion trends you should try out right now. In fact, even the brightest of stars admit to loving these risky fashion trends. The key to pulling off a suede look is to remain simple with the other items. Don’t accessorize much as your suede piece is enough.

suede skirt suede skirt emma watson suede jacket

Leather Pants

Leather’s back with a vengeance! Reminiscent of bikers and punk rockers, leather pants have made the transition from gothic wear to chic fashion. Although considered as one of the risky fashion trends, leather pants are actually easy to wear and style up. You can pair it with a simple tee or an ornate blouse and still look beautiful. If you are looking for a fab alternative to your usual trousers or skinny jeans, then make sure to try on a pair of leather pants.

leather pants gigi hadid leather pants outfit leather pants


Sweatpants aren’t just for the gym anymore! Many celebrities have proven that they are risky fashion trends worth trying. Yes, you can even wear this to the office – as long as you pair with a dressy top. Wear your sweatpants with your elegant heels for a topnotch look that you can take to work – even to after-office drinks!

sienna miller sweatpants rihanna sweatpants gigi hadid sweatpants


It doesn’t matter if you are older now, you are still entitled to try the world’s risky fashion trends! In fact, one of the styles you must try right now is the jumpsuit. It might be reminiscent of your youth, but it’s actually one of the hippest fashions to try at school – or at the office. There are many conservative styles out there, but if you want to stand out, choose a jumpsuit with a bright pop of color or a unique print!

alexa chung jumpsuit naya rivera jumpsuit gwyneth paltrow jumpsuit

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