5 Reasons You’re Out of Style (and How to Get a Great Look)

There are lots of ways that we view great styles of today and a lot of women believe that style is having the perfect pieces put together creating a harmonious outfit. Style is an extension of you displayed through our clothes, and having great style is having confidence in yourself. So, keep on reading for the 5 reasons you’re out of style and how to get a great look.

  1. Your outfits are not reflecting your personality.

bomber jacket with boots

military jumpsuit with heels cut out lace dress with architectural heels

Whether it’s a job interview or a casual Friday at the office, we’re always adhered to look professional and polished. This is because your style is an expression of your inner self, so your outfits should speak true to what your personality is and who you truly are. Avoid wearing things just because it’s what everyone else it wearing. If you wish to stand out in a party, don’t just go for a flashy outfit or a bold color. Instead, try going for a unique dress that reflects your personality like a cut-out lace dress teamed with architectural heels.

  1. You’re not experimenting with your style enough.

black outfit with architectural bag and sneakers skinny jeans with structured coat casual outfit with sunglasses

If your closet was filled with nothing but blue jeans and white t-shirts, you would feel that your style was pretty much one note. Since staying the same is boring, experiment with new fashion pieces, or try something new. You may start small by introducing a fresh piece to your typical outfits and gradually introduce more new pieces into your wardrobe as you become more comfortable with the new style your cultivating. Remember, trends created by someone who has enough courage and confidence to try something new.

  1. Your outfits are lacking creativity or inspiration.

bomber jacket with black dress and grunge boots leopard print scarf with casual outfit denim skirt with white blouse and slip on sandals

The fun part about getting dressed every day is choosing what pieces to wear. If you’re wearing pieces like everyone else, you’re likely to not stand out from the crowd. But what makes your style truly unique and special is how you put your special twist to it. Though wearing an all black outfit is the timeless way of looking polished and skinny jeans teamed with a jacket is the easiest way to look effortless, you may add some personality with your accessories like scarves, shoes, hat, bag, or a statement necklace to look unique like fashion blogger Chaira Ferragni did.

  1. You religiously follow fashion trends.

cut off shorts with cropped  top slouchy top with culottes joggers with crop top and coat

We are all born with a unique voice no matter what industry we are in so you must not religiously follow trends in order to be in style. Though trends can help you look more fashionable, only pick those that suit you as your style is an extension of yourself. For instance, you may agree that wearing a tailored coat expresses a different personality compared to wearing a leather jacket and denim shorts.

  1. You’re lacking confidence.

sneakers with sporty cool outfit gingham top with denim shorts and hat

When trying out new styles, or sticking to your already amazing style, you should wear your fashion pieces with confidence. Remember, anyone can spot when you are not comfortable in your own skin from a mile away. So, only choose the pieces that you feel great in so you’ll act your best. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll get back in style effortlessly.

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