5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Lace-Up Pants

It all started with lace-up sandals.

And, with the rise of the ballet-inspired fashion, that became lace-up shoes as well. Until that lace-up trend transformed to a whole different level in tops and now pants.

Lace-up pants had slowly popped up on the runway with Isabel Marant and other designers adding it into their collections. And now, this once punk and steampunk clothing has become completely wearable in the streets. If the A-listers wearing them has yet to convince you to buy one for your closet, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a lace-up pants.

  1. It adds texture to a monochromatic outfit
    Because of how a lace-up pants is designed, it creates a kind of texture with the laces on either side. And as we all know, texture is something you want to have especially in a monochromatic outfit so as the overall look won’t be too bland. This makes lace-up pants a wonderful pair of pants to incorporate into a monochromatic outfit, particularly an all black outfit for a typically black lace-up pants.
    Gigi Hadid Out And About In New York City
  1. Lace-up pants create a statement
    Whether you are just wearing a simple outfit or a maximalist one, lace-up pants create a statement on any outfit. However, the statement it makes is subtle enough not to overwhelm but enough to be the outfit’s center of the attention. This all has a lot to do with its lace-up nature, of course.
    white-lace-up-jeans-bella-hadid lace-up-jeans-and-cut-out-boots
  1. Lace-up pants add edge to whatever outfit
    Because of its punk and steampunk roots, the lace-up pants has that inherent edginess and…well, punk-ness. Especially when the pants is made of leather. This innate edginess of the lace-up pants can be used to add a little bit of punk or edgy into whatever outfit you may want to incorporate it into.
    white-lace-up-pants-kylie-jenner lace-up-pants-in-sleek-outfit
  1. Lace-up pants are versatile
    You would think that, because of the lace-up sides of the pants, it is not wearable to many outfits. And if you have thought so, you thought wrong. It is actually the opposite. Lace-up pants usually has no more accents and added details other than the lace-ups itself and typically, the laces are of the same colors as the pants as a whole so it is actually quite versatile and can be worn in any outfit.
    lace-up-pants-and-coat lace-up-pants-in-sleek-outfit
  1. Lace-up pants can be worn all-year-round
    Last but not the least, lace-up pants can be worn during all four seasons, and therefore all throughout the year. For when it is hot outside like on the warmer days of spring and most of summer, you can let the lace on the sides of the pants tied loose to let breeze through. And then just tie it real tight during the colder seasons of fall and winter.
    lace-up-pants-and-classic-trench lace-up-pants-and-moto-jacket

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