5 Reasons Why You Should Buy That Investment Bag

Luxury bags may seem impractical, but if you’re a career woman with ten or more bags in your closet, you might probably think again if you’re spending your money wisely. You may find investment bags for $800 in a neutral color and a classic design that can be great to elevate your everyday outfit. So, if you’re looking to convince yourself why you should be caving into buying that investment bag, then keep on reading.

  1. It’s going to be a family heirloom.

leopard print bag with neon yellow dress and purple sandals

sporty cool outfit with designer bag quilted bag with pussy bow top and cape

If you opt for an investment bag in a classic design and cared for them, your children will one day appreciate your collection of bags. You might think of your mom’s stuff from her 20’s and 30s, and the best were the ones that had a story to them. Though you may opt for a classic leopard print, or even designer logo print all over the bag, going for simple and plain style will make your bag versatile and elegant.

  1. The investment bag is timeless that you don’t need to buy trendy bags in each season.

sporty jersey with chic clutch olive green bag with classic outfit quilted bag with hippie outfit

Going for a designer bag that looks appropriate in each season rather than a trendy piece which is only released once will give you more saving since your looks will be timeless. So, instead of spending on the latest trendy bag, could have been saved to buy one investment bag. For instance, let say you drop $80-$150 a month on the latest clutch or shoulder bag from your favorite fast fashion outlet, and that’s $900-$1800 a year. So, stop splurging on wrong investments and focus on something that’s going to last the distance. Also, a timeless bag will complement your fashion style whether it’s a hippie, minimal, casual cool, feminine, or classy.

  1. It will dress up almost anything.

joggers with tee and structured bag military shirtdress with olive green bag denim skirt with white top

You could be having a really simple outfit day, say for example a pair of blue jeans and printed top, but as soon as you swing a designer bag over shoulder your look is instantly elevated. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, dress up your sporty cool joggers and black top with a structured black bag. Or, add some polish to your grunge outfit like Kristina Bazan did, wearing a military-grunge dress with a structured bag.

  1. You can save your money for your outfits since you have a luxury bag that makes a statement.

casual chic outfit with designer bag designer bag with coat designer bag with leopard pants and chic blazer

Save money in your outfits as one luxury bag can elevate your look. Whether you wish to update your basic ensembles or classic pieces, having an investment bag can make you look fashion-forward even you’re just mixing high-ends with high streets.

  1. You’ll get more savings if you’ll break it down to “cost per wear”.

designer tote bag with printed blazer office outfit with structured bag silk jumpsuit with quilted bag

You end up wearing your favorite bag every single day. Break down a $2000 bag to a daily rate over a year and that’s your coffee money. This is especially true if you’re wearing your bag to the office, on your weekends, and special occasions. So, it’s time to buy that investment bag that will last a lifetime.

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