5 Reasons Why You Need a Silk Robe Coat Now

A-listers are wearing it. Fashion mags are pushing you to it. The bloggers and the street style stars are making it a wonderful addition to their personal wardrobe. Basically, the entire fashion world has spoken.

Silk robe coat is going to be the next big fashion trend.

We all know that robe coats in general have become increasingly popular since a few seasons back. But silk robe coat in particular has risen up from the crowd. The limelight is on it. And there’s no question about how it happened.

Loungewear has become an unexpected source of inspiration in the recent years. Clothes you would only expect to wear at home are now out, being flaunted in the streets. Slips and sweatpants, to name a few. So of course the famous bedtime coverup will be included sooner or later.

And we are on the major side who will tell you to invest in at least one good silk robe coat. We give you 5 reasons below.

  1. Silk robe coat adds texture or a pop color to a monochromatic outfit.
    If you decide on having a monochromatic outfit, like say an all-black ensemble, a black silk robe coat can add texture which is vital to make a one-color attire dimensional. Or you could have an otherwise monochromatic look and have the silk robe coat in a different color. The shiny fabric will give a more emphasis on the pop of color.silk-robe-coat-all-black
  2. It gives enough accent or additional decor to any outfit
    Most silk robe coats made have prints and patterns. And this will usually be enough for any outfit. So having the rest of the pieces of your outfit in solid colors will be alright. It is a bonus if you have a silk robe coat in a bright color like yellow or light pink because this could make the silk robe coat the centerpiece of your ensemble.embroidered-silk-robe-coat silk-robe-coat-and-caged-sandals
  3. Silk robe coat creates a soft and flowing silhouette
    Most silk robe coats will fall at least at your calves and sometimes at your ankles. This makes a silk robe coat look like a calf-length or maxi dress. This and the lightness of the silk create a soft and romantic silhouette. So even if you’re wearing pants underneath the coat, you would still achieve the elegance of a dress, especially with the coat tied and wrapped around you.tied-silk-robe-coat silk-robe-coat-and-boyfriend-jeans
  4. It makes ragged outfit look more feminine and refined
    As we mentioned in the previous #, silk robe coats are inherently feminine with their silhouettes. So when you have a more ragged look underneath it, like say an athleisure outfit or a more casual one in shirt and cutoffs, the silk robe coat layered over that outfit will make it more feminine and refined.floral-silk-robe-coat silk-robe-coat-and-athleisure
  5. Silk robe coat elevates a basic outfit.
    Lastly, because of its sheer and innate elegance, a silk robe coat could elevate even an outfit of basic clothes such as a plain t-shirt and pants. Silk robe coat really makes use of the loungewear vibe which makes it a key piece when you are feeling lazy in coming up with your #OOTD.white-silk-robe-coat silk-robe-coat-diane-kruger

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