5 Reasons Why You Have a Wardrobe Full of Clothes but Nothing to Wear

For a woman who has a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, sometimes it doesn’t about how stylish your pieces are or how creative you are to put an outfit together. So, keep on reading for the habits you’ve constantly making and what to do about them so you’ll maximize your clothes in an efficient and stylish way.

  1. The clothes don’t fit.

burgundy coat with boots

lace top with denim skirt striped dress with slip on shoes

Whether you’ve gained or lost weight, or bought something in a smaller size thinking that it won’t be much of an effort to lose some pounds till you can fit into it, your clothes in your wardrobe must fit your present body or else you won’t likely wear them. If the clothes are too small and you are in the process of losing weight, pack them away somewhere, have them altered to fit you, or get rid of them or.

  1. Your shopping habit is constantly buying new clothes you already have.

layered outfit with boots off shoulder dress with heels leather jacket with white lace dress

You have lots of clothes, but they’re all the same thinking they’ll ‘always come in handy’ so you keep buying the same garment over and over, but forget about creating outfits. It may be a classic white dress, little black dress, skinny jeans, or even coats that can be considered as basic. If you have every color under the sun in your wardrobe, yet your clothes don’t match, maybe the colors are not versatile and they’re not flattering for you. Instead of trying on different personality styles and eclectic colors, pin down the colors that make you look really fabulous. A good palette will save you money for years because you’ll wear them.

  1. You’re an “emotional shopper”.

bohemian dress with hat sailor skirt with sweater dress with shawl and tights

Think twice, or three times before you buy, to make sure it really is a great purchase as emotional shopping will waste your money on clothes that do nothing for you. Better save it for an investment bag or shoes that will serve you for years.

  1. You have a lot of “out of date” clothes.

denim culottes with black top mesh maxi dress gingham shorts with woven bag

Out of date clothes whether expensive or possibly now vintage, but you no longer wear it won’t deserve a space in your wardrobe. There are some vintage pieces like gingham shorts, woven bags, denim culottes that are making a comeback, but that doesn’t mean you have to love them. You haven’t thrown out any items for years thinking that they may come back into fashion, but it’s actually ruining your style and limiting your closet’s space for more fashionable items, so better toss them.

  1. You’ve kept all your favorite clothes.

cool beach outfit striped coat with jeans preppy outfit with satchel bag

If they’re looking tired, dated, and old, you won’t likely to wear them again. If you really love them take photos of yourself wearing those favorite outfits and toss them soon. Some of them may be your favorite travel coats, beach outfits, or even preppy items. This way, you’ll have memories of wearing them and making you feel great with them as if they’re passed their use-by date they’ve just become clutter that won’t serve you. By heading these tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your clothes while keeping your life organized and stylish.

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