5 Reasons Why Women Who Wear a Watch Are More Successful

Time is gold and keeping track of time remains important in today’s world. As clocks become omnipresent on smart phones and other devices, you may wonder if wearing a watch makes sense. However, there are several good reasons to keep wearing a watch in the professional world. Keep on reading for the 6 reasons why women who wear a watch are more successful.

  1. They have an elegant style.



If you usually find yourself in more formal settings, get an elegant watch. In most situations, there are benefits to having elegant style and putting on a dress watch is a perfect accessory to finish off a casual or even a classy outfit. You may simply opt for a metal band or a high quality leather band that can be classy enough. A good rule of thumb is to wear watches with a metal body with dressy clothes, and leave the plastic and rubber watches at home that can only be great for exercise, swimming, and other sporty activities.

  1. They know how to impress in job interviews.

graphic-print-top-with-white-blazer-and-skirt nude-dress-with-gold-belt-and-white-blazer

During a job interview, it is important to leave a good impression. Wearing watch shows that you are a serious professional. According to Mark Horstman, co-founder of Manager Tools, recommends wearing a watch to interviews because managing time in an interview is important. Checking your watch in that setting is a subtle gesture. However, if you check the time by pulling out your phone, the interviewer may think you are checking your email that will easily create a poor impression. Also, if you go to work for a large European company, you may need to start wearing a high-end watch.

  1. They keep the track of time.

abstract-print-top-with-leather-trousers pink-matching-set-with-biker-jacket white-dress-with-chic-bomber-jacket-and-sneakers

Women who keep the track of time are more organized as they know how to squeeze their time to accomplish every task for the whole day. Also, a watch is ultimately an accent or accessory to your style. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, simply wear an elegant watch with your monochromatic outfit that can add some flair to your style without drawing away from your theme.

  1. They appreciate good quality.

white-matching-set-with-coat olive-green-bandeau-top-with-high-waist-skirt

Successful women know the importance of buying and using high quality pieces. That’s why many successful women will pay $100, $500 or over $1000 for a watch. Remember, it is worth spending on a quality watch, especially one with a classic style that will never go out of fashion. Like it or not, a watch is widely seen as a status symbol on Wall Street and your watch choices will say a lot about your personality.

  1. Their watches dress up their outfits for every occasion.


You may have multiple watches for different purposes. Athletes often wear water proof watches that can go beyond function. However, if you are going to attend an evening event with other professionals, it makes sense to wear a dress watch. By heeding our tricks, you’ll make your accessories like a watch make a good impression for you while giving you a great sense of style.

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