5 Reasons Why Women Buy Clothes But Never Wear Them

Shopping is fun, but accumulating clothes you’ll never wear will only add to the clutter on your wardrobe. If you still find pieces hanging up in your closet with shop tags on, keep on reading for the 5 reasons why women buy clothes but never wear them, so you’ll be more careful on your shopping habits.

  1. The fit doesn’t flatter her body type.

ruffled cold shoulder top with jeans

zipped dress with sling shoes wrap skirt with leather jacket

Whether it’s “motivational clothing” that you would like to hold onto till you lose those pounds, or simply bought a dress one size smaller than your actual size, if the fit doesn’t flatter your body type it will only hang up in your closet for years. So, know the basics and know what flatters your body whether you’re hourglass, pear-shaped, straight, or apple. If you wish to add some volume on your bust line, opt for a top with ruffles that add some flair to your feminine style.

  1. You bought clothes and accessories that aren’t your style.

avant garde dress with sneakers zipped jacket with net skirt equestrian inspired outfit

When going shopping with friends, we usually ask them which dress look better on us. However, when you allow others to choose for you, it’s highly likely that they will choose the items that they like for themselves. Though they may be clever enough to get the fit and color just right for you, but whenever you put the garment on, it just doesn’t feel right. For instance, going for equestrian-inspired clothes may seem fashion-forward for some, at the same time old-fashion for some. Since each of us lean towards certain style personality, wearing something that doesn’t fit in with that may feel like you’re wearing a costume. Remember, relying on a friend, no matter how well they dress themselves can be an expensive and ultimately fruitless, waste of time and money.

  1. You bought it on sale.

stretchy dress with sneakers military robe top with skirt all white outfit with chic bag

No matter how much an item is reduced by, you will be wasting your hard earned cash if you never wear it. A $200 dress reduced to $50 is still a waste of $50, if it doesn’t suit you, fit you properly or just doesn’t feel right since you won’t likely wear them on your street style. So, a good rule to adopt is to never buy anything on sale that you wouldn’t buy at full price.

  1. You don’t know what to wear with it.

button down shirt with pants military dress with leather jacket layered outfit with sneakers

Impulse buying often leads to a hit and miss wardrobe full of clothes but very few outfits. Before buying on impulse, take a deep breath and ask yourself if it will fit at least three pieces that are already in your closet so it won’t end up hanging in your closet waiting for its perfect match. Sometimes, neutral colored pieces tend to fit almost anything as long as it has a classic style, clean lines, and neat silhouette.

  1. You bought clothes that aren’t comfortable and season dependent.

matching coat and pants with oversized topper leather trousers with tank top chunky sweater with lace up sandals

Season dependent clothes such as swimsuits, pea coats, fur coats and such can lessen your wardrobe flexibility since they’re only appropriate for certain seasons. If you wish to maximize your clothes, think of wearing them with layers in the colder months, and as a stand-alone piece in warmer months. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to make smart shopping decisions that will benefit you.

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