5 Reasons Why French Women Do It Better

The English are quirky, the Italians are glamorous, the New Yorkers are effortless, and the French as just classic and cool. If you’re wondering what gives them that je ne sais quoi, keep on reading for the 5 reasons why French women do it better.

  1. Ballet flats are French women’s favorite shoes.


ballet-flats-with-chic-blazer ballet-flats-with-casual-chic-outfit

While boots and stilettos look sexy, they’re not that comfortable and easy to walk in. French women always look effortlessly stylish because they value comfort with a great sense of style. Like fashion blogger Daphne of “Mode and the City” blog, think of wearing a pair of black ballet flats with your chic office dress, which will keep you professional and comfortable. Or, make your casual weekends effortlessly chic by wearing a pair of ballet flats over sneakers.

  1. Sunglasses are an everyday essential, even when it’s raining.

sunglasses-with-black-coat sunglasses-with-scarf-and-white-outfit

As well as creating mystery, sunglasses hide a multitude of sins like a hangover, restless eyes, and of course, the sun. Just go for sunglasses that look great for your face shape. Angular faces look more balanced with rounded frames while rounded faces look more proportional with angular frames.

  1. Jeans are the most casual piece a French woman owns and not a pair of sweatpants.

skinny-jeans-with-preppy-top sweater-with-skinny-jeans skinny-jeans-with-red-coat-and-plaid-shirt

If you wish to look effortlessly cool, yet polished, resort to a pair of skinny jeans, not a pair of sweatpants that look sporty yet dowdy. Like fashion blogger Daphne, opt for a skinny pair of jeans with a neat style that will go well with your office coats, preppy outfits, and even casual sweaters.

  1. A classic trench coat will dress up anything.

trench-coat-with-chic-outfit trench-coat-with-preppy-outfit

Invest in a classic trench coat as you can wear it with or without something on underneath. Like fashion blogger Daphne, you may opt for a pastel blue color of your trench coat that can add some flair to your neutral outfits. Also, a pastel hue will make your style a bit romantic and modern while keeping everything chic and sleek. If you’re thinking of a timeless piece that you can wear with anything, a trench coat in the shade of camel, white, gray, or black is perfect.

  1. For a French woman, “less is more”.

navy-outfit-with-red-shoes coat-with-layered-top-and-plaid-trousers

Though over accessorizing became a trend, it doesn’t look classy and sophisticated. The timeless way of looking elegant if following the “less is more” approach when it comes to wearing colors, prints, accessories, and statement pieces. Like fashion blogger Daphne, you may wear a pearl necklace with your classic outfit, but keep the rest of your accessories muted and simple to keep everything polished and sleek. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll look more fashionable just like a French woman, and you’ll do everything better.

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