5 Reasons to Stop Following Fashion Trends Religiously

Flipping the magazine pages, searching the racks, and watching designer shows might be great to stay on top on things. Trends might inspire us to look more fashion-forward, but following trends religiously will only make us a fashion victim. If you’re following trends unconsciously, you may want to check the 5 reasons why you should top following them religiously.

  1. Trends come and go.

boyfriend blazer with shirtdress and sneakers

ruffled white dress crop top with camouflage jacket and shorts trendy outfit with comfy shoes

This is especially true if you’re living in a seasonal walking city as what was cool last season is, apparently, an abomination this season. Ruffled and lightweight dresses might be on trend in the summer, but investing too much on them can make your next season dressing more challenging. Also, wearing an outdated outfit on the streets can make you feel self-conscious, especially when everyone is looking at you with that your-clothes-are-so-last-season look. So, instead of dressing for trends, dress for yourself and just incorporate some trends to add some spice to your outfits.

  1. Some runway looks are not wearable on the streets.

avant-garde top with pink skirt muted color structured dress eccentric jacket with skinny jeans and lace up sandals

Some designs look spectacular on the fashion shows at models on the runway and designers hardly design anything immediately wearable. Unless you’re a street style star, celebrity, or fashion editor that set the trends in the fashion world, wearing runway looks head-to-toe will make you look eccentric and trying to hard to get attention.

  1. Trends aren’t for everyone.

avant garde outfit with clutch brightly printed dress with wedges avant garde top with skinny pants

Realize the fact that something trendy is not an assurance that everyone would look good in it. Overwhelming patterns, punchy colors, avant-garde silhouettes, and eccentric details may be trendy, but it won’t look flattering for every personality and body shapes, especially if you’re working in a professional environment. The same thing applies to oversized silhouettes, barely-there clothes, and extravagant details. If you look carefully, you’ll realize that trends have very little to do with your personal comfort or preference, and everything to do with others. So, it’s better to wear styles that flatter your figure, rather than whatever the fashion gods say you should wear this season.

  1. You have your own fashion identity.

floral print dress sporty cool outfit with wedge sneakers printed pants with plain top

Remember that the trends we’re dying to keep up with were all started by someone somehow. Though it might inspire us to look more fashionable, following the trends they set flatter their identity, not necessarily ours. You might take inspirations from them, but be sure to have your own signature style. People who copy other people’s fashion identity do so probably because they have no identity of their own.

  1. By not following trends set by others, you’re making your own fashion statement.

printed jacket with cobalt blue sandals poncho top with white skinny jeans colorful dress with avant garde belt

When your closet is filled with clothes you chose for you, not for the sake of the trendsetters, you’ll be able to create more fashion-forward looks suited for you. By not conforming to the “in” thing, what you’re really doing is creating your own “thing.”

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