5 Reasons to Ditch Your Everyday Purse for a Clutch

I’m a big fan of large bags and purses. I just think they’re really practical to carry around since they can house all of your belongings in one place and, despite their size, I also think that they’re very cute. Raid my closet and you’ll see purses as big as overnight bags that I carry around whenever I head out, especially if I know I’m going to be out all day. One thing I never thought I’d like is carrying around a clutch. As someone who has always carried her whole life in a huge purse, I wasn’t very thrilled at the idea of carrying something just a tad bigger and roomier than my wallet but I did. Here are a few very good reasons to ditch your everyday purse for a clutch.

  1. They’re lighter- clutches are smaller and so obviously they are lighter compared to your regular everyday purse. They’re perfect for people who are suffering from shoulder and back pains which can be a result of carrying big and heavy purses regularly.red clutch black and white outfit
    blush pink clutch and outfit
  2. They help you decide better – if, like me, you’ve always been a big purse kind of girl, you know there’s always stuff in your oversized tote that you don’t really need yet still takes up room and adds to the weight of your purse. It could be a book you thought you’d read while commuting, a makeup palette you used once on a friend, or anything random that’s unnecessary. When you have to carry something as small as a clutch, you eliminate what you don’t need and only bring what you truly do.oversized mustard clutch ysl velour clutch
  3. They’re easy to make – if you’re the kind who loves to switch up your accessories all the time, you’ll love carrying around a clutch. The great thing about clutches is that they’re super simple and so easy to make! If you’re crafty, you could even make one for every day of the week, or month, or year!minimalistic outfit with a clutch summer outfit and a neutral clutch
  4. They’re really stylish – have you been to the boutiques lately? They’re brimming with clutches in all styles, designs and colors! Clutches are super stylish and they’re hot on trend right now! If you love keeping up with the latest in fashion, make sure to grab yourself a clutch or two to replace your everyday purse with.mini leopard print clutch statement clutch and chic outfit
  5. They’re super convenient – imagine not having to lug around your whole life in your purse all day, every day. That’s exactly what it’s like to carry a clutch. Most designs / styles today come with detachable slings, too, so you can go hands-free whenever you like.

embroidered clutch soft and furry clutch

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