5 Reasons Successful Women Choose to Wear the Same Thing Every Day

Having a minimal wardrobe not only suits women who are not style conscious but also successful women who understand ease and practicality. In a fashion-conscious society, the clothes that we wear often represent our personality, creativity, and mindset. Opting to wear the same outfit every day may seem to negate the idea of dress for success, keep on reading for the 5 reasons why successful women opt to choose this way of dressing.

  1. It saves you time.



Wearing the same outfit every day means less time wasted. Remember, our morning routines can reflect how successful we are in the rest of our day and we often don’t realize how much time is taken up with unnecessary options when it comes to choosing the clothes we wear. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you can simply think of a plain skirt that will go well with your Breton striped to make your style polished while keeping everything effortless. Remember, eliminating the need to pick and choose will make successful women create more time by having an efficient morning routine.

  1. It feels comfortable having that one successful outfit.

button-down-shirt-with-shorts-and-sailor-cap navy-coat-with-printed-boots green-blouse-with-leather-shorts-and-ankle-boots

When we have a lot of options of what to wear, it takes up time deciding on an outfit especially if we have many items of clothing that don’t always mix and match. By having a few high-quality versatile items, we may be shrinking our options, but we will always have a go-to outfit that will do the job every time.

  1. It lessens the unnecessary expense.


We may have ‘buy and throw-away’ attitude when it comes to our clothes and wardrobes. Think how many items of clothing you’ve never worn or are waiting for that perfect occasion that never comes. Sometimes, we over-spend on clothes that we don’t really need. By keeping our clothes collection minimal, our need to buy is greatly limited and we become more mindful of the things we actually need.

  1. It eliminates decisions.

abstract-print-tee-with-wide-leg-pants cobalt-blue-slip-dress sporty-cool-outfit-with-sneakers

We often have a multitude of decisions to make in just one day. Being bogged down with decisions including the decision on what to wear can sometimes do damage to our mindset. Having a minimal wardrobe is a great chance to free up space in the mind that will help towards focusing on more important tasks.  Remember, having one less decision to worry about will help towards making better and more well thought-out decisions later.

  1. Having a smaller wardrobe means less energy maintaining and organizing it.

breton-striped-sweater-with-jumper-shorts casual-chic-outfit-with-coat

Successful women like to put their energy into important tasks and having a large variety of clothes means more time doing tasks such as washing, drying, and ironing. Freeing up storage space will not only lead to less need for organization time but also gives you a sense of space both literally in your wardrobe and in your mind. By having a minimal wardrobe, it will give you confidence and will eliminate that worry so your energy is focused on the successes of the day like successful women always do.

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