5 Reasons Not To Care What Others Say About What You Wear

Some women love to debate that what you wear impacts how others view you. However, the fashion world wields a lot of influence to what kind of clothes we have to put on, yet nothing has ever stayed constant. If you wish to express yourself through clothes, keep on reading for the 5 reasons we should not be concerned about what others say about what we wear.

  1. You are unique and a trendsetter.


peplum-top-with-jeans-and-blazer purple-outfit-with-cobalt-blue-sandals-and-clutch

Fashion is not necessarily about labels or brands as it’s about you. Remember, if you want to lead, then stop following. Whether you like it or not, dressing differently will attract attention. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of wearing your basic pieces in an eccentric way and add some quirky accessories to channel your playful vibe. Or, you wish to look more creative by going for a matching color on your shoes and clutch like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did. However, it is up to you at the end of the day to dictate the way you want to be loved and wanted and there is no point in seeking validation from the world around you.

  1. It takes courage to wear what you want.

metallic-gold-gown sexy-corset-top-with-jeans-and-biker-jacket

The thing about fashion is that wearing what you want takes courage. People respect those who wear what they want. The only thing in between those lines is that you have to appear to be courageous to earn that respect. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you might be bold on your party looks wearing a metallic gold gown that looks glamorous at the same time extravagant. Or, make it a bit sexy with lace bodysuits teamed with your jeans on your casual weekends.

  1. It shows you are not insecure.

all-black-outfit-with-oversized-coat backless-blue-maxi-dress cobalt-blue-pants-with-tube-top

Your self-worth and respect should never be determined by what others are saying. Dressing to suit a lifestyle could mean that you have some insecurity, and what you wear could identify you with the crowd. In this case, you have to convince yourself you don’t care before you start actually caring.

  1. You appreciate who you are.

ripped-jeans-with-biker-vest shift-dress-with-green-bag-and-block-heeled-pumps

If you’re a woman, you don’t have to dress for boys. Just dress for yourself and never let the opinion of others define who you are. You might be a woman with a feminine style like Nicole Warne wearing chic dresses and heels on your casual weekends, or your prefer to look more editorial-worthy like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic wearing band-inspired outfit on her evening looks. Remember, people’s comments about your style can be fickle, but such comments are temporary and don’t last. What lasts and is indefinite is your uniqueness, and you should learn to appreciate it.

  1. You have your own creativity.

green-sweater-with-yellow-skirt band-inspired-top-with-draped-skirt

Remember, there is beauty in everything and what ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly can still be beautiful. Some people are not creative simply because they feel that their effort could prove futile. Being creative with what you wear could positively affect your confidence and show how stylish your outfit seems. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll get a bolder yet personal style that reflects your individuality.

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