5 Pretty Ways to Wear a Ponytail

Summer can get extremely hot and your long hair lying around can make it even hotter. Freshen up yourself – as well as your entire look – with these pretty ways to wear a ponytail.

Braided Ponytail

Utilizing braids is one of the pretty ways to wear a ponytail especially this summer. Achieve a casual, beach babe look by braiding your locks in a loose fashion. Remember to pull your tresses forward and downward as you do so. No need to apply anything after braiding your hair, as a more disheveled look usually looks better.

braided pony

braided ponytail braid ponytail hair

Retro Ponytail

Bringing back the past is not only applicable to your emotional issues – but to your fashion style as well. In fact, one of the pretty ways to wear a ponytail is to channel it in a retro style. Look like a pin-up girl – albeit hotter – by spiraling your hair upward as if you are going to style it in a French twist. Secure your ponytail with bobby pins to keep your vintage look in place.

retro pony retro ponytail retro hair

Tousled Ponytail

Want to create a look of ‘order in chaos?’ Then the tousled style is one of the certified pretty ways to wear a ponytail. To achieve this look, add texture to your hair by using a dry shampoo and teasing the ends. Gather your locks in a medium-height pony and apply your ponytail holder. Pull the elastic down a bit, and divide your locks into the sections. Pull upon these sectors to re-tighten your ponytail. Following these tips will help you achieve the tousled look that many celebs love.

tousled pony tousled ponytail hair tousled ponytail

Bumped Top Ponytail

Another one of the pretty ways to wear a ponytail is to leave a bump on top. Gather the top section of your locks and secure it with a clip. As for the rest of your locks, gather them as well and secure them with an elastic. Remove the clip of the top section of your hair and apply volumizing spray. Tease the section with a brush to add volume. Fasten the teased top section to your elastic for a glamorous bumped up look.

bumped up hair bumped up pony bumped up ponytail

Side Ponytail

If you are looking for easy-peasy pretty ways to wear a ponytail, then a side ponytail is best for you. It’s as simple as gathering your locks in one end and securing them with a pretty elastic. However, to achieve a better look, leave some face-framing strands on the loose. These will make you look sexy and sultry as hell!

side pony hairdo side ponytail side pony

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