5 Pretty Hairstyles to Have When Wearing a Hat

Do you love wearing a hat? Well then, you don’t have to worry about removing it every so often just to avoid hat hair. Now, you can leave it on for as long as you want. Just make sure to consider these pretty hairstyles to have when wearing a hat.

Keep it Wavy

Wavy hair is one of the best hairstyles to have when wearing a hat. This beach chic look is good by itself, so you can only imagine how it looks like with your favorite hat. What’s great about wavy hair is that it needs little maintenance. This is the case unless you want a polished look – for which you are going to need setting spray and other hair products.

wavy hat hair

wavy hairdo wavy hair

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

If you are a low-key girl, then a messy do is perfect for you. As one of the easiest hairstyles to have when wearing a hat, this look gives you an “I woke up like this” aura. While it’s easy to roll out of bed and wear your hair right away, you still need some tweaking to achieve the “messy hair, don’t care” look. You can comb your locks a bit – with your bare fingers – for a chic disheveled look.

messy hairstyle messy hairdo messy hair

Pony it!

Your hair can be a nightmare whenever you wear a hat. With that being said, one of the easiest hairstyles to have when wearing a hat is the traditional ponytail. You can try numerous variations, from a high pony – to a low pony – even a side pony! This requires minimal upkeep – as you don’t have to worry about your hair after wrapping it in a ponytail.

ponytail hair ponytail ponytail hat hair

Braid it, Baby

Another one of the good hairstyles to have when wearing a hat is a braid. Again, many possibilities await you as there are many braid variations out there. You can go with a simple French braid, or a double (pigtail) braid. Then again, you can go for the fishtail braid that everybody is clamoring for. You need not braid all of your locks, as you can only gather a few tresses and create a mermaid braid look.

braided hair braid hat hair braid hair

Oh Ombre

If you have temporary hair color, it will come in handy for the hairstyles to have when wearing a hat. You can use it for highlights – or for an ombre look. Shade your tresses any which way you can – as long as the colors peek out of your hat. It doesn’t matter what your hairstyle is, as the fresh hair hue will make you stand out immediately.

vanessa ombre hair colored hair highlight hair

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