5 Pre-Fall Fashion Items You Need to Have

Inter-seasonal pre-fall fashion is something you need to look forward to, especially with autumn right around the corner. Transition your look from sexy summer to fantastic fall with these pre-fall fashion items that you need to have.

Billowy Blouse

Pre-fall fashion is all about achieving an ethereal look. Of course, the best way to achieve this is to wear a magical billowy blouse. This loose top, as seen on the Chloe runway, is perfect for days when you want to pig out and what not, as it not skimpy or body-fitting. But because of its flowy nature, you need to wear this top with form-fitting shorts, skirts, or pants to balance the look.

billowy top

billowy blouse

Pussy Bow Top

Another one of the hottest pre-fall fashion trends – as seen on the Gucci runway – is the pussy bow top. Seemingly invoking of your private Catholic high school days, the pussy bow top is something that can add fancy to your otherwise boring outfit. Whether it’s paired with a plain black trouser or a camel-colored pencil skirt, a pussy bow top can definitely add life to your simple get-up.

pussy bow top pussy bow blouse

Oversized Trench Coats

While form-fitting is best, oversized items are fashion-forward too. So if you want to get into the pre-fall fashion bandwagon, then make sure to get your hands on an oversized trench coat – as exhibited by Celine and Christian Dior, among many other fashion houses. Not only will it provide adequate coverage for the forthcoming autumn days, it adds the ‘menswear fashion’ influence that’s so hot right now.

oversized trench oversized coat

Cropped Trousers

Pre-fall fashion is all about incorporating the best of summer and autumn styles. As such, one of the inter-season’s hottest bottoms proves to be cropped trousers, as seen on the catwalks of Ralph Lauren and Rebecca Taylor. It’s as formal as your usual work pants, though it provides a peek-a-boo of your feet so you can show off your classy sandals or stiletto shoes.

cropped trousers cropped pants

Mixed Prints

One might think that pre-fall fashion is usually somber and straightforward. But contrary to popular beliefs, this inter-season trend is all about looking jovial as well. In fact, one of the most popular pre-fall fashion trends proves to be mixed prints. Seen on the runways of Givenchy and Alice + Olivia, mixed prints are all about incorporating formal prints with quirky designs. Marrying prints is one of the things you ought to do if you find your work outfits too boring or too plain for the occasion.

mixed print outfit mixed prints

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