5 Practical Ways to Update Your Personal Style

Fashion trends come and go that’s why you have to stick with your personal style that remains timeless. However, if you feel bored and plain on your daily look, maybe it’s time to update your style without drawing away from your individuality. So, keep on reading for the 5 practical ways to update your personal style.

  1. Adjust your style as your body type changes.



As your weight fluctuates, make sure you’re updating your sizes as wearing one size larger will make your outfit look slouchy and one size smaller will make your outfit too tight. What size of top, bottom, and dress do you wear? Have you been hitting the gym lately or simply put on a few holiday pounds? Also, think what rise and style of jeans do you prefer as denim styles that flatter your body vary as your weight changes.

  1. Make your personal style relevant to your lifestyle.

creative-office-outfit ruffled-party-dress cuffed-skinny-jeans-with-biker-jacket

Life is full of changes so update your personal style when some changes occur. You might be a jean type of girl but you’re now working in a professional field that calls for a polished and smart outfit. If you’re improving your social life, you might need party dresses and glamorous outfits that can make you appropriate for every occasion.

  1. Refresh your looks seasonally.

breezy-white-dress-with-midcalf-boots metallic-silver-swimwear metallic-silver-bandeau-top-with-white-jeans-and-blazer

Seasons come and go that means you’ll need fresh color palettes, fabrics, and textures to cope with the changing weather. Different seasons mean there are different pieces that fit your needs. In fall, you might need outer layers or scarves. Maybe faux leather or faux fur was once a big “no,” in the warmer months but now they’re a “go” this winter season. So, try to update your look as one season transitions to another, and cope with your changing wardrobe needs.

  1. Update your style with some trends.

geometric-print-dress-with-heels off-shoulder-top-with-peach-culottes

Are there any prints that you prefer to avoid? Just update your preferences by trying new things. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, think for geometric prints that can add some personality to your looks that can still stick to your feminine style. Or, simply update your basic off-shoulder top by teaming it with trendy culottes like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang did, making your style classic with a modern twist.

  1. Fit your style within your budget.

purple-eyelet-dress-with-heels casual-jeans-with-sweater

How much would you ideally spend on items in you really want? If your budget changes, it’s time to change your shopping goals. If you’re looking to splurge on a key item, save for that and decrease your spending on other areas. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to update your personal style gradually without drawing away from your individuality and preferences.

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