5 Plus-Size Fashion Myths Busted

Fashion rules have set modern standards which sometimes affect our style and looks. However, who says curvy girls can’t wear prints, stripes, and skinny jeans? Whatever your size, you have the right to look fashionable and flattering. So, keep on reading for the 5 plus-size fashion myths and debunk them.

  1. Bright and light colors are off limits.


sheer-pastel-dress-with-flats pink-jacket-with-full-skirt

While darker shades can make you appear smaller, a flash of bright color is much more fun than an all-black outfit and will leave you looking radiant. You just need to wear bright and light colors strategically if you’re plus sized. Like fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, think of a pastel colored dress with side panels to give the illusion of sexier curves which can be flattering for everyone.

  1. Curvy girls should cover up.

crop-top-with-jacket-and-plus-size-skirt plus-size-romper-with-sneakers gingham-print-plus-size-dress-with-classic-pumps

Though curvy girls tend to hide their flaws in heavy layers, the reality is the more you look covered up is the more you’ll look heavy. So, show some skin, it’s sexy and slimming. You may start by exposing your wrists, collarbones, or ankles which will draw attention to the slimmest parts of your body. Keep necklines open like fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, wearing a tube romper on her daytime looks. Also, you may go for a crop top and a high waist skirt as long as it’ll highlight the slimmest part of your waist.

  1. Skinny jeans are for skinny figures.


Curvy girls can also look great in skinny jeans. The key is styling them right to balance proportions. Like with any slim-fit bottom half they should be worn with a soft drapey top or long-line tunic. Like fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, opt for a forgiving top with feminine prints to look more flattering and chic on your street style.

  1. Prints will emphasize your size.

graphic-print-dress-with-bomber-jacket plus-sized-animal-print-top-with-skirt

Though black is slimming, it gets boring! If the cut of the garment flatters your figure, you can wear just about anything you like including prints. Just opt for prints in a larger scale which camouflage lumps and bumps. You may look for patterns with darker backgrounds for a more slimming effect. Like fashion blogger Nicolette Mason, wear a graphic print dress, but add some illusion of a slimmer waist by topping it with an open jacket.

  1. Baggy is best.

plus-sized-collared-dress plus-sized-body-con-dress color-blocked-plus-sized-dress

If you’re conscious about your curves, don’t hide away in super-loose clothes as they make figures look fuller. Instead, go for softly tailored styles like wrap dresses, belted tops, and jackets that will flatter your figure. You may also go for a bodycon style or a fitted dress that will accentuate your feminine curves. Just go for a fabric with a good stretch to avoid lumps and bumps. Like fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, think of a dress with panels to look slimmer. Or, go for darker prints teamed with black like fashion blogger Nicolette Mason did. By debunking these plus size fashion myths, you’ll prove that you can be fashionable by breaking some rules.

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