5 Oversized Dressing Rules for Ladies

If you are tired of the body fit trend, you can explore the other end of the spectrum and dress up in oversized clothes. But before you do so, keep these oversized dressing rules for ladies in mind – so you can achieve the trend without swimming in a swathe of fabric.

Oversized Blazer

While structured blazers are good fashion investments, it wouldn’t hurt to try an oversized blazer every so often. To make the most out of this trend, pick a lengthy blazer with wide lapels. As for the oversized dressing rules for ladies that you need to follow, remember that your blazer should fit your shoulders well. Wear it with a low-cut camisole for an oh-so-sexy look.

oversized black blazer

oversized gray blazer oversized blazer

Oversized Denim Jacket

Boyfriend denims are all the rage nowadays, so it’s only necessary that you try the oversized denim jacket craze. For this item, it’s all about going big with the pockets and the length of the jacket. Although this is the case, you need to follow the oversized dressing rules for ladies – and that is to make sure that the sleeves fit you well. Wear this with basic pieces for a classic look.

denim jacket denim jacket attier denim jacket outfit

Oversized Vests

Oversized vests make for good layers, especially during unpredictable spring days. Should you decide to go with this trend, oversized dressing rules for ladies dictate that the oversized part of the vest should be its collar and the overall length. However, you need to make sure that the vest fits your chest and armholes well. Pair your vest with a streamlined skirt or pants for a truly impeccable look.

black vest camel vest oversized vest

Oversized Shirt

One of the loose items that you probably have in your closet is the oversized shirt. While you might have been rocking this for so long, remember that there might be oversized dressing rules for ladies that you might have missed out. As with the loose shirt, you can go big with everything – except the shoulders, of course. Wear your shirt with a lovely skirt or tailored pants for a balanced look.

oversized tee oversized shirt outfit oversized black shirt

Oversized Short

Summer is coming so you know what that means – shorts season! Be able to enjoy the loose shorts trend by following the simple oversized dressing rules for ladies.  Avoid looking like MC Hammer by ensuring that only the leg width is big. Look for a pair with a well-fitting waistband and crotch line. Wear it with strappy sandals in order to balance the look with your sexy feet.

oversized shorts black oversized shorts

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