5 Outfits That Will Instantly Age You (and How to Deal with Them)

Style is an expression of your personality and your outfits can make or break your style. Before going for a trendy piece or timeless staple, think first what image it will give to you. So, keep on reading for the 5 outfits that will instantly age you and the quick fixes you can do to deal with them.

  1. Midi Skirt or Dress with Chunky Heels



A long skirt or dress, mid-calf or longer, is predominantly the most unflattering length because it hides your shape. Combined them with chunky heels and your ankles will look like twigs. To make the outfit combination work for you, consider an asymmetric hemline that will look more modern and sleek over traditional hemlines that can be unflattering. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, if you’re going for a long skirt or dress, pair it with a finer heel that will showcase your ankles. Clumpy heels are best paired with a shorter dress like fashion blogger Chiara Feraggni wore. Remember, the best length of a skirt is just below the knee, particularly if your legs are heavier, as it shows the curve of your calf which is thinner than the rest of your leg.

  1. Baggy and Covered Up Outfits

denim-jumpsuit-with-coat-and-heels skinny-jeans-with-cardigan

If you wish to cover up, make your silhouettes sleek. If you want to wear a baggy sweater, balance it with a pair of skinny jeans. If you wish to look cozy in fall layers, draw inspiration from fashion blogger Nina Suess’ outfit, wearing denim overalls with a lightweight coat and classic pumps that look trendy and sleek.

  1. Outfits with Elastic Waistbands

lime-green-shirtdress-with-gold-belt red-romper-with-nude-heels

An elastic waistband may be comfortable and a perfect excuse to skip waist cinching belts, but it will immediately make you look ten years older than you are. Generally, they don’t fit well that can make your style out of proportions. So, go for a flattering belt instead or a fabric belt that you can adjust to showcase your slim waist.

  1. Trendy Revival Outfits

classic-striped-dress-with-sneakers fringed-sude-skirt-with-chambray-shirtmesh-midi-dress-with-boots

There are a lot of revival outfits we can see from pussy bow top, Victorian turtlenecks, fringed skirts and such that can make our current style trendy. Remember, in those days it was the height of sensible, steady good sense but now it’s a sign that you’re hip and well dressed. If you really wish to wear trendy pieces, always wear them with modern and structured ensembles to update your style.

  1. Red with Black or Black with Pastels Outfits

black-dress-with-tights-and-chunky-heels ankle-boots-with-mustard-outfit red-top-with-black-jacket-and-tall-boots

Though black is a timeless color, combinations like red and black or black with pastel won’t end up looking flattering most of the time. Red’s are usually vibrant and pep up an outfit but when paired with black it seems to take the liveliness away and become frumpy. Similarly, pairing black and pastels is aging. Though black is a versatile and universal shade, you must look for white or other neutrals to pair it with and match your pastels together with neutrals or denim. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to make your outfits flattering and stylish for you.

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