5 Outfits for Spring and Summer

Wardrobe versatility is the key to looking good whatever the season might be. Make the most out of your closet pieces with these transitional outfits for spring and summer.

Show your Shoulders

As it has been mentioned, off-shoulder outfits for spring and summer are all the rage nowadays. These versatile items are good for the warm months – as they allow you to show you some skin without going overboard. If you are conscious about your legs – or your tummy even – then off-shoulder outfits for spring and summer are perfect for you.

off shoulder outfit

off shoulder top

Beautiful in a Bustier

A bustier may be vital for a summer attire, but did you know that you can use it for spring outfits as well? When it comes to bustier outfits for spring and summer, the key is to layer it up – or down. Of course, for spring, a bustier is best worn with layers – be it a moto jacket or a structured coat. As for summer, you can wear your bustier top all alone – or layer it with a sleeveless vest or a beautiful scarf.

bustier outfit for summer bustier outfit

Sexy in Slip

Dress outfits for spring and summer can be too common for most people. So if you want to look different these coming seasons, then go for a slip dress. Popularized by the iconic Kate Moss, a slip dress is something you can bundle up for cold spring days – and leave alone on hot summer days. Slip dresses are so sexy in fact that you can wear them to posh dinner events as well.

black slip dressslip dress

Divine in a Denim Jacket

Denim is timeless, without a doubt. But if you are looking for special outfits for spring and summer, then you better get your denim jacket out. It’s perfect for nippy spring days as it can keep you bundled up. As for summer, denim jacket outfits will definitely work out as well. It’s all about wearing it with thinner, air-permitting items such as sheer clothes and crop tops.

denim jacket denim jacket outfit

Daring in a Denim Skirt

As it has been said, denim makes for great outfits for spring and summer. In fact, you can take it to autumn and summer as well! For these coming seasons, you won’t have a lot of problems when it comes to dressing up with a denim skirt. It can be as simple as wearing a graphic top – or you can embrace the full effect of transitional clothing by wearing the denim skirt with any of the aforementioned tops (off-shoulder or bustier.)

denim skirt outfit denim skirt

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