5 Outfit Layering Tips

As the winter breeze blows colder by the day, more and more women are finding it tricky to find the perfect balance of stylish and practical with their outfits. Instead of giving up and just going with one or the other, though, read these outfit layering tips first and give them a go. These are great for when you want to brave the winter weather looking stylish but also feeling nice and warm.


  1. Layer light – unless it’s actually freezing cold outside, it’s better to layer with light materials. A cotton tank top underneath a cotton long sleeved shirt is sure to make you feel just the right amount of warmth and it won’t make you look too bulky either. If it’s really cold or if you want a more posh looking ensemble, top off your light layers with something a bit thicker and more structured like a tweed coat or a leather jacket.knit and leather outfit
    accessorized winter outfit with layers
  2. Keep proportions in mind – it’s easy to forget about style when we talk about practicality, but try not to and still keep your outfit’s proportions in mind. Nothing beats the feeling of warmth and comfort that you get from a slouchy and oversized sweater, but if you choose to wear such, be sure to keep everything else fit and trim so a pencil skirt, some leggings or cute tights are a must.girly winter outfit ways to layer
  3. Layer up with accessories – if you think layering is limited to piling clothes only, you’re wrong. If it’s not that cold but you still want to get that layered look, you can achieve it by layering with accessories instead. A scarf can help make your outfit look more posh and can also help make you feel just a tiny bit warmer.super simple winter outfit cute and cozy outfit
  4. Invest in outerwear – the best way to nail the layering trend in winter is to invest in an outerwear (or two) that will elevate your look and take it to the next level. A statement outerwear is nice and all, but wearing it over and over again defies the purpose of making a statement with it, so unless you have another one to wear with everyday looks, something more classic is more ideal.festive winter outfit trendy layers cowl outerwear
  5. Keep things color-coordinated – it’s important to feel warm and cozy, but don’t forget about the aesthetics, too. Keep your outfits looking chic and stylish by making sure that you are using all the right colors together. Creating and going by a color scheme always helps achieve this. Neutrals work very well for the winter, but you can always liven up your look with a pop of bright color here and there.office winter outfit all neutral outfit



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