5 Outfit Ideas to Wow the Crowd

Are you the kind of woman who wants to draw the attention of people when she enters the room? If you are pegging to be a headturner wherever you want to go, then make sure to try these outfit ideas that will surely wow the crowd.

Odd & Uneven

Symmetry is important in fashion, but if you want to steal the show, then go for odd outfit ideas. One that you could try out – and not look like a clown – is unevenly-hemmed pants. Since tattered and torn jeans are all the rage nowadays, why not go a notch higher with unevenly-hemmed denim ends? You can do this on your own if you want, as all you need is a pair of scissors and a very wild fashion imagination.

uneven hem pants

uneven hem outfit uneven hem jeans

Go Androgynous

Certain factors are not meant to go together. However, if you want rad unique ideas, then you should do the contrary! Grab the attention of everyone around you by mixing feminine flair with spunky manly pieces. It’s actually a safe idea to try out, as we all have some masculine items lying around in our closets. Sometimes, it’s as simple as combining two opposing fashion influences – such as a girly dress and chunky Doc Martens.

androgynous attire androgynous suit dress and doc martens

Go Backwards

Button-down tops, cardigans, and all buttoned tops are not supposed to be worn correctly everytime. Again, if you are thinking of good outfit ideas to wow the crowd, then wear your buttoned top the other way around. You can just button them as it is, or you can tie the ends for a summer-feel top.

green reverse top backward top reverse cardigan

Mix Prints

If the other unique outfit ideas are just too weird for you, then the ‘safest’ way to wow the crowd is to mix prints. Floral with zebra stripes… why not? You can go as far as your imagination permits you. Of course, the key to pulling this look off is to combine prints that have unifying factors, say a swatch of color or certain design. If you don’t mind this, you’ll surely render the crowd dizzy!

mixed prints multi print outfit multiple print outfit

Stole the Show

Yes, the best way to steal the show – is with a stole. Luxurious and elegant, stoles have often been seen on the most prestigious of runways. So if you want to achieve the same commanding look, then create fab outfit ideas with eye-catching stoles. Even with a simple button-down top and jeans, you can surely catch everyone’s attention with a colorful stole.

green stole multicolor stole black stole

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