5 Outfit Ideas Made from Pieces you Already Own

Ever take a look in your closet and feel frustrated with it? Before you storm out and buy a bevy of new clothes, stop and think first. While it’s fun to swipe your card over the new spring collection, you can save yourself from credit card debt – and still look glorious – with these outfit ideas made from pieces you already own.

Turtleneck + Button-Down Top

Even if spring is here, there will be days when it will be cold as ice. For these nippy days, it is best if you wear cold weather outfit ideas, such as the turtleneck and button-down top combo. This pairing is especially good for the office, so you can give your boring blazer and button-down top attire a rest. If you are feeling fashionably adventurous, you can always pair your fun sweater with your ultra-structured button-down top.

turtleneck and button down top

turtleneck with button down top

Shirt + Bustier Top

A bustier top is one of the best items for a night-out with friends. However, wearing it all alone during the day can be a mortal sin – especially if your office has a tight dress code. Although this is the case, you can wear your bustier top during the day simply by following one of these outfit ideas. Layer it on top your favorite shirt or button-down top for a respectable look that is worthy of a second glance from your workmates.

bustier over shirt outfit bustier and top

Moto Jacket + Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is one of the best attires to wear this spring. But if it’s just too cold outside, you need not worry as you can layer up with a moto jacket. The stark contrast between the two pieces – the structure of the moto jacket and the whimsy of the maxi dress – can help you achieve outfit ideas that are worthy of topnotch fashion blogs.

moto jacket and dress jacket and maxi

Dress + Wrap Skirt

Your favorite dress might look good on you, but it can be very boring on certain occasions. If you want to add some pizzazz to your outfit ideas, then layer a wrap skirt over your lovely dress. This pairing will help you create a fashion look that is unlike any other.

wrap skirt over dress wrap skirt and dress

Cropped Pants + Tall Boots

Your tall boots are not just for your leggings or skinny jeans. Yes, you can wear them with cropped pants – especially flares! This is one of the best outfit ideas for times when you feel cold outside – but want to wear your cropped pants anyways. The combination will help you achieve the retro feel that’s just the hottest thing in the runways.

cropped pants with boots cropped pants and boots

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