5 Outfit Ideas for Turtleneck Tops

Timeless and basic, turtleneck tops are often taken as granted when it comes to fashionable picks on your daily looks and just reserving them for chilly seasons. Whether your personal fashion style is of minimalist, grunge, or trendy, you will be sure to have this outfit combination up in any kind of outfit for any kind of event.

  1. Monochromatic Style

bib necklace with turtleneck top and burgundy skirt

turtleneck top with white pants fitted turtleneck and accordion skirt

Typically not considered as formal or casual, turtleneck tops can look chic and elegant when worn in a monochromatic style. As long as you’re opting for a form-fitting and lightweight style of turtleneck tops, you can wear it for glamorous parties, conservative weddings, and even casual-chic affairs. Like street style star Olivia Palermo, you may go for a burgundy shade of turtleneck top to wear with your burgundy skirt that will create a classic at the same time romantic look. Just add some glam to your looks with a statement necklace in delicate style.

  1. Turtleneck Tops with Casual Denim

oversized turtleneck sweater with ripped jeans turtleneck sweater with jeans turtleneck top with denim overalls white jeans with turtleneck top and red coat

Looking for casual chic ways to wear your denim items? Then, wear your knitted turtleneck top with a pair of your favorite jeans, overalls, skirts, and even shorts that will give you a sleeker and more polished looks compared to the combinations of jeans and tee. Button-down shirts are the common staple most women are opting for when it comes to a casual-chic style. But, unless it’s made from chiffon or satin, the button-down shirts made from cotton are typically prone to crumpling and unwanted fold marks making it quite non-friendly for an effortlessly casual look.

  1. Turtleneck Tops with Feminine Skirts

animal print skirt with turtleneck sweater architectural turtleneck top with slit skirt and hat chunky turtleneck sweater with white skirt turtleneck sweater with gray skirt and pointy boots turtleneck top with tulle skirt turtleneck top with wrap skirt

Looking for a casual chic way to wear your feminine skirts? Then resort to knitted turtleneck tops that look so cozy and chic. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, opt for an architectural style of turtleneck top to wear with your slit skirt to create an avant-garde look without going overboard. Or, simply wear it with a printed skirt in bold colors for a great backdrop on your print, especially if it’s black.

  1. Turtleneck Tops with Dresses

checkered coat with turtleneck top and pumps turtleneck with dress orange dress with turtleneck sweater checkered dress coat with turtleneckturtleneck with leather dress

Wearing turtleneck tops with dresses, particularly the sleeveless ones, can be a great trick to look chic and fashion-forward on the chilly seasons. Like Kristina Bazan, wear a cashmere turtleneck top beneath your leather dress, especially if you feel leather uncomfortable when it sticks to your skin, to create a perfectly cohesive and edgy look. Looking for bold ways to bring out your bright colored dress on the streets? Then simply wear a black turtleneck top with your orange dress to create a high contrast on your outfit making your brightly colored dress make a statement on its own.

  1. Turtleneck Tops with Unexpectedly Layered Outfits

kimono robe with orange turtleneck top and white pants chunky turtleneck sweater with asymmetrical skirt turtleneck with corset and boxy coat green coat with floral vest and black pants chunky-sweater-with-jacket-and-brown-pants

Wearing your turtleneck tops with a corset top, on top of your feminine dress, or even with unexpectedly layered outfit will give you a trendy at the same time functional style in the chilly seasons. When creating an unexpected layered outfit, always keep your lightweight pieces beneath and your chunky pieces on top of your outfit. This way, you’ll create sleek, streamlined, and perfectly polished outfits with turtleneck tops.

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