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5 of the Sexiest Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

We all get a little bored of our usual look sometimes, and during those time you might find yourself struggling to come up with a decision on what to do to get a new look. If you’re looking for something that’s not too drastic or too dramatic, yet noticeable enough to make a difference, a change in hairstyle might just be what you need. Here are some of the sexiest hairstyles for all hair lengths that you can try going for, in case you feel you need more of that sexy vibe in your look.

  1. Fine and feathery with a fringe – for the lazy girls out there who are looking for a sexy hairstyle that has it all: foolproof, easy to style, easy to pull off, and easy to get away with, then a fine and feathery ‘do with wispy fringe might just be what you need. Wispy hairstyles are always great for getting that “just got out of bed” look, and is very low-maintenance too.fine-and-feathery-fringed-hair
    fine-and-feathery-wispy-style-hair fine-feathery-hair-zendaya-dark-wispy fine-feathery-light-hair
  2. Big and sexy – nothing’s sexier than big, voluminous hair. If you’re the type of girl who loves dressing up and looking fabulous and fun, I bet big and sexy hair is one of your favorite looks, especially for a fun night out or for occasions that call for going all out on the glam. There are a ton of ways to achieve this (teasing, using volumizing products, “cheating” with hair accessories, etc.), so there’s definitely a method that you’ll love.big-70s-glam-hair big-bombshell-hair big-bombshell-hair big-sexy-short-hair
  3. Sharp angled bob – on the other hand, if you feel you’re not ready for a ‘do that’s super short like a pixie cut, you can opt for a bob instead. It’s much more feminine, a bit longer, and way easier to pull off. Give your bob a nice and sexy twist by asking your stylist to give it a sharp angle instead of a blunt sharp-angled-bob sharp-and-sleek-hair
  4. Sleek pixie – not everyone has the audacity to rock a bold hairstyle like a pixie cut, but if you’re getting bored of your everyday goody-two-shoes look and you want to add an edge and a bit of that rebellious vibe, you can always try out this hairstyle and see how you like it. A pixie cut can be terrifying at first, but it’s definitely worth sexy-pixie-miley-cyrus-hair sexy-tousled-pixie-hair sexy-tyra-banks-pixie-hair
  5. Sleek ponytail – there’s something about a tight, sleek ponytail that makes any lady look fierce, fab and sexy. If you have long hair and you’re bored of just having it down all the time, why not try tying it up into a sleek ponytail? This hairstyle is guaranteed to lighten up your look and give you that sexy vibe.ponytail-sleek-and-chic ponytail-tight-and-sleek ponytail-ultra-high-and-sleek ponytail