5 of My Favorite Perfumes you have to try!

 5 of My Favorite Perfumes  you have to try!

I’ve never really been a fan of having more than one perfume until this year, I always had the viewpoint that surely nobody neeeeeds any more than just the one, but earlier this year after wondering what I wanted for my birthday I thought as my collection was so little (just my lonely Prada Candy that my boyfriend bought me for valentines day) that I would break through my boring one-perfume collection and ask for more bottles from my friends and family. I didn’t realise that they would know my taste so well as I didn’t even know myself what scents I really liked at the time! I love all of my perfumes and although I always thought it was a waste of money to own more than one, its really nice to finally have a choice as I’m finishing off my getting ready routine. My best Perfume Collection
Roberto Cavalli – Just Cavalli | Prada – Candy | Marc Jacobs – Daisy | Abercrombie & Fitch – 8 Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy
Just Cavalli is a floral based scent with deeper undertones of wood. It has quite a complex smell with the combination of both the floral and wood tones so comes off as quite fresh yet animalistic (I think maybe this relates to the snakeskin element of the packaging). It is definitely quite a classic scent which I think would be perfect for both daytime & nighttime.
Candy has a very sweet, caramel-ly essence with a hint of freshness in its undertones. Like the name suggests, it is a very luscious, girly scent so therefore won’t be everybody’s cup-of-tea but for those who do love sweet, candied fragrances… this is for you! It is the perfume I always seem to pick up when I’m feeling indecisive. The packaging is stylish, modern & chic and I love the orange tinged glass.
Daisy is just heavenly! It is one of those fragrances that everyone seems to have. It is a clean, fresh scent that has a slight tinge of citrus to it which is what makes it such a feminine perfume. It reminds me of spring & is perfect for wearing during the day as it also has an amazing lasting power which is an added bonus. The bottle is so pretty and looks beautiful if you like to display your perfumes.
8 Perfume has slight floral undertones but I mainly get hints of spice & sweetness. It is definitely a unique scent which is what I really love about it, its one of those perfumes which gives you random bursts of the aroma throughout the day. I think this perfume would be perfect for both day and night as if is fresh and warm at the same time. The packaging is very sleek and simple, however has a hint of mischief if you look carefully!
Viva La Juicy is really laid-back, it is simple & fresh so isn’t too overpowering which makes it perfect for daywear. There are fruity elements to it which reminds me of summer yet I always find myself favouring this one in the winter days when I feel like a boost of freshness. The packaging is really unique and pretty and I love how it looks displayed on my chest of drawers.
Do you have any of these perfumes? Which is your favourite? If you do have any of these please share with me some others you have so that I can try them out too!
Anna xXx

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