5 New Spring Dresses to Try Out

Spring dresses are oftentimes floral, but this should not have to be the case for you. Embrace a whole new look with these fab spring dresses to try out.

Pastel Dresses

Spring is all about soft hues, most notably, pastel colors. With that being said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have pastel spring dresses in your closet. What’s great about having a pastel frock is you are free to accessorize or glam it up! Wear such outfits with eye-catching jewelries and shoes for a spring look that’s worthy of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar!

pastel pleated dress

pastel dress pastel floral dress

White Slip Dresses

Spring dresses are all about simplicity and sexiness. Capturing both essences is the white slip dress, which is sultry as it is modest. Like the pastel dress, the white slip frock can be your blank fashion canvas for styling, accessorizing, and everything else in between. Because of the simplistic nature of the white slip dress, you are licensed to go crazy with the styling. Layer it with a jacket, or hang a plaid shirt around your waist – the possibilities are endless with white slip spring dresses.

slip dress white slip dress sexy slip dress

Chambray Dresses

If you are looking for spring dresses that you can take to summer (and other seasons as well,) your best choice proves to be the chambray dress. Simple yet sophisticated, it can be worn on its own – or with other layers, embellishments, and what not. Again, the styling options abound for chambray spring dresses. Only your imagination can limit you with what you can do with this fun spring frock.

leighton chambray dress chambray dress chambray dress outfit

Tie Dye Dresses

If you want to pack a punch of color into your wardrobe, then do try tie dye spring dresses. Reminiscent of the decades that were, a tie dye dress is one of the best choices for a casual mall stroll – or a music fest perhaps (think Coachella.) However, if you want to take this dress to more formal events, make sure to pick tie dye frocks in streamlined silhouettes – such as a belted shift or a pleated shirtdress.

tiedye dress tie dye dress long tiedye dress

Batik Dresses

Printed spring dresses are very popular. But instead of the usual designs, why not go ethnic with a batik dress? Inspired by the fabrics of Africa, a batik dress is a colorful ensemble that you can wear at work – or at play. It’s just a matter of choosing the best length for your fashion needs. Because of its’ fun, casual nature, batik spring dresses are best worn with statement accessories and gladiator sandals.

blue batik dress batik dress kate batik dress

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