5 Most Stylish Shows of the Year Every Fashionista Should Watch

TV shows provide more than just entertainment to keep boredom at bay nowadays, they also provide fashionistas all over the world with lots of inspiration as well as help us keep track of what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to fashion. I really like watching shows where the characters are dresses nicely because it gives me something to look forward to in the next episode, especially when the storyline becomes dragging. Here are the most stylish shows of the year every fashionista should watch.

  1. Scream Queens – Scream Queens is, hands down, the most stylish show of 2015. You could say that it is this year’s new Gossip Girl since there are lots of things that the two shows are very similar about. In Scream Queens, though, the wardrobe choices for characters are a tad more diverse. There’s the squad leader, Chanel Oberlin, who is known for her saccharine style and Zayday Williams who has more of a street style vibe in her looks and then there’s also Grace Gardner who’s wardrobe seems the most realistic and most achievable out of the bunch.scream queens chanel oberlin
    scream queens scene
  2. American Horror Story: Hotel – surprisingly, one of the most recent installments of American Horror Story is also one of the most stylish yet. Starred by Lady Gaga, this TV show is definitely brimming with great wardrobe choices and inspiration.lady gaga ahs lady gaga ahs hotel
  3. Scandal – with its pilot released earlier this year, Scandal has easily and quickly become a favorite TV show for many fashionistas. Olivia Pope is the epitome of the modern lady – classy, chic, smart – indeed, she has it all. She’s the kind of woman that would make you want to trade your soul for her life… and her clothes.olivia pope gorgeous outfit from scandal olivia pope scanda
  4. Empire – if you’re looking for some serious winter wardrobe inspiration, look no further than your favorite TV show, Empire. Cookie Lyon’s wardrobe is everything you’ll ever want for the cold seasons – fur coats, leopard print pieces, metallic ensembles that go from head to toe, unexpectedly stylish print designs and combos and many more!cookie lyons empire cookie lyons zebra prints outfit
  5. Fargo – any movie or TV show that Kirsten Dunst has ever been in always has her character dressed to slay (Bring it on, Spiderman – see what I mean?). In Fargo, Kirsten plays a beautician who has high dreams, violent tendencies and a wardrobe inspired by the glamour of the 70s that could kill. Indeed, her comeback is one we have gladly welcomed.

kd as peggy blumquist on fargo kirsten dunst

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