5 Monochromatic Outfits to Wear to the Office

Who says a one-color outfit is boring? You can pull it off like a true style star by taking inspiration from these fab monochromatic outfits to wear to the office.

Beautiful in Black

Monochromatic outfits in work usually feature the color block. While there is no problem with it since it is slimming, it can be too boring when worn repeatedly the same way. Break out of your style rut by rejuvenating your black monochromatic outfits with playful, unexpected pieces. Just as the case below, the fashionista wore a tunic top (which is usually for casual days, BTW) and cropped trousers. Capped off with shiny oxfords, the outfit is anything but boring.

black outfit

black work outfit

Wonderful in White

White is one of the basic colors that seem too ‘bland’ when worn in monochromatic outfits. This shouldn’t be the case! You can liven up this virginal color by mixing different textures and adding unique embellishments to the mix. Case in point: Micah Gianneli made use of a lacey bralette and a structured hat to add dimension to her crisp white get-up.

white outfit white getup

Gorgeous in Grey

Grey might be seen as a dull color, but it’s actually very good as you can match it with a whole variety of colors. But if you want to remain true to grey monochromatic outfits, then emulate Kendall Jenner and the blogger below. Combine different textures and styles for a grey outfit that is anything but boring. Like Kendall, you can incorporate suede or any other texture via footwear.

grey work outfit gray outfit

Pretty in Pink

Do you want to wear unique monochromatic outfits outside the usual shades? If you’re afraid to go to the color extremes, you can start with small steps with a soft pink ensemble. Wear your blush blazer with a simple baby pink dress and you’re good to go. Again, don’t forget to add dimension by wearing monotony-breaking accessories, bags, or shoes.

pink outfit pink getup

Marvelous in Maroon

Monochromatic outfits are often seen as tedious, but this should not be the case! You can disprove everybody by wearing maroon monochromatic outfits to work. Take the blogger’s case below, who looks chic and stylish in her maroon suit and smoking slippers. If you’re lucky enough to find maroon items that jive in color palettes, then go ahead and wear them in one sweep!

maroon outfit maroon getup

Monochromatic outfits need not be lackadaisical as they once used to be. Be a style star by following these trendy ways on how to wear monochromatic outfits.

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