5 Modern Ways to Look Sexy with Dawilda Gonzalez

Looking sexy and feminine may be inclined to wearing revealing necklines and shorter hemlines, but reinventing some fashion-forward looks can be great to channel a creative and unique style. Dominican Republic-based fashion blogger, Dawilda Gonzalez is known for her sexy looks featuring modern and avant-garde details that still look street-inspired. If you’re tired of wearing sheer clothing, sexy necklines, and mini hemlines, keep on reading for her 5 modern ways to look sexy.

  1. Embrace figure flattering silhouettes and architectural structures.

asymmetric skirt with chic top

sexy nude tank with leather skirt and leopard sandals sexy bell sleeved dress mermaid skirt with fitted top

Dressing your figure is one of the best means to look sexy on your style. Whether you got that straight body type, apple body type, pear body type and such, dressing your frame includes picking silhouettes that enhance your less attractive areas, making them look more appealing. Since Dawilda got the perfect body shape, she knows how to flatter it with form-fitting ensembles like a bodysuit-like tank paired with high waist leather skirt that looks sexy compared to shift dresses and non-clingy outfits. Also, showing off your womanly curves with a mermaid skirt, asymmetric mini skirt, or even a bell-sleeved dress can be great to look sexy without looking provocative.

  1. Incorporate metallic pieces into your street looks.

metallic fur skirt with vest and statement belt metallic pants with crop top and black pumps metallic gold pants with statement belt and vest metallic gold blouse with white pants

Metallic shades, especially gold and silver, are sophisticated and classy enough that adds some elegant vibe to your sexy outfits. Like Dawilda, you may trade your white button-down shirt with a metallic gold blouse, and your flared denim jeans with a pair of metallic gold palazzo pants. This way, you’ll make your sexy outfit modern at the same time sophisticated, which is far from those basic and non-appealing sexy vibes. If you’re a fan of leggings and joggers, make your style a bit chic by going for a pair with metallic gold accents that can take you from day to night.

  1. Make your casual street style unexpectedly chic and sexy.

architectural peplum top with jeans sailor denim shorts with sexy blazer ripped skinny jeans with gold embellished blazer and metallic oxford ripped jeans with metallic gold pumps and button down shirt with statement belt

If you’re a fan of distressed denim jeans and cut-off shorts, make your casual street style unexpectedly chic and sexy by going for modern tops and blouses that look elegant and feminine at the same time. If you wish to enhance your curves, resort to an architectural peplum top that looks chic and modern enough even when paired with distressed boyfriend jeans. Or, make your pair of black skinny jeans and crop top a bit chic with a gold embroidered blazer and metallic oxfords like Dawilda did.

  1. Look sexy with statement jewelry.

ethnic earrings and cuff with asymmetric dress white tank top with jewelry haute couture earrings with emerald green dress gold cuff with rounded sunglasses

A woman wearing classy and sophisticated jewelry always looks sexy. Like Dawilda, think of a pair of haute couture earrings that will go well with your dresses, as well as jewelry sets that will complement your casual outfits. If you’re a minimalist kind of woman, resort to gold cuffs, gold rings, gold earrings, and gold necklaces that you can absolutely wear with anything.

  1. Don a sexy pair of stiletto pumps or statement sandals.

statement heels with edgy chic outfit sexy gladiator sandals with casual outfit crop top with skirt and architectural mules black stilettos with slit dress

Skip those clunky boots and lug sole shoes that look trendy yet not sexy enough. Instead, resort to black stiletto pumps without platforms that look more elegant over block heels, as well as gladiator sandals with modern structures and chic straps that will add some elegant vibe to your sexy looks. Indeed, ways of looking sexy are endless. All you need is the courage, creativity, and confidence to create the style that defines your personality.

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