5 Makeup Tricks to Prep You for Humid Weather

The heat of the summer sun is always something we’ll welcome with open arms, but the melty, cakey makeup and sweat-smothered face that comes along with it is a whole other story. If you love wearing makeup, you know how much of a struggle it can be to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long during the summer. To give you a head start, check out these makeup tricks to prep you for humid weather now.


All About the Basemiranda kerr summer makeup
light makeup

Less is more during summer, and having a great base to work on is essential. Achieve skin that barely needs makeup by sticking to a skincare routine that works for you. Occasional trips to your dermatologist will help a lot, too. As far as makeup goes, use a primer that brightens the skin and evens out the skin tone. If you need coverage, tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream should do.


Legally Bronze

gigi hadid makeup

summer makeup look

Getting a sexy, bronzy look is more difficult than you think. When going for a sunkissed bronze look, you should start light and build color as you go. Doing this will prevent you from looking like you’ve had too much time to spend in the tanning beds and will also allow you to get a more natural tanned look. Using cream bronzer is preferred as it stays on a bit longer compared to powder and it looks more natural too.


Go for vibrant colorsblue eye shadow look glowing skin light makeup

Earthy colors and dark smoky eye looks are sexy, yes, but they’re not all that good for summer. Instead, why not opt for something more fun, vibrant and colorful? I’m not saying you should go all on out on the 80s discotech look, but maybe go for colors like pink, coral, orange, and the like.


Choose waterproofbright red lip pink lips

Another really good way to make your makeup last longer during the summer is to use waterproof products. These will keep your makeup from slipping, sliding, and smearing all over the place. Additional tip: get an effective yet mild cleanser to help you get everything off before bed.


Highlight like you mean itno makeup makeup look

We all want to look fresh, even on a hot day, and while that may not be possible for some of us, there are definitely ways to fake the look. One way to do so is to highlight your face like nobody else’s business. Choose a flattering highlight color and use those on the high points on your face that the sun would usually naturally hit. This will help you fake that glow while you battle out the heat.


Mist itnatural bronze and highlight

Lastly, always bring a travel sized bottle of your favorite mist in your purse when going out. Not only will this give you a refreshing feeling, it makes your makeup look fresher too!




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