5 Lessons You Can Learn from a Closet Overhaul

When you set out to purge your closet, you probably think of you’ll just get rid of a few things you no longer wear. However, a closet overhaul actually makes you more creative and confident to have a great style. If you’re thinking of purging your closet, read first the lessons you can learn from a closet overhaul.

  1. Buy for versatility and looks, not for trends.


white-tee-with-summer-shorts gray-wool-coat-with-fall-outfit

Wardrobe items whether your clothes, shoes, or accessories should be versatile. One of the reasons why you’ve never worn that item left on the hanger is it’s hard to team well with your other pieces. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy a really unique item, but the key is to have a closet full of versatile items that can be worn several different ways or for a variety of occasions. If you have a basic white tee, you can style them in the summer by wearing with breezy shorts like Darya Kamalova did, and style them in the colder months with layers. Because of its simplicity, you can think of more than ten ways to wear it.

  1. You have to be brutally honest on the things you will never wear and toss them.

printed-romper-with-mules silk-dress-with-lace-up-gladiators

If you aren’t going to be real about this, then don’t start overhauling your closet.  Getting rid of stuff is hard, and brutal honesty is sometimes required. There might be some things you still like, but really never wear maybe because they don’t really look great on you, or they are a style you think is cute on others, but just not your style. Remember, your clothes must show your style and personality, and if don’t flatter you then there’s no place for them in your closet.

  1. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.

floral-jacket-with-casual-outfit graphic-print-dress-with-saddle-bag

If your closet is stuffed and is hard to navigate, chances are, you will simply have your “go-to” items that you’ll always wear, because, digging through the closet to find something different is simply too much work. So, be organized on hanging your printed dresses and plain tops and skirts so you’ll clear out your mind and maximize your wardrobe.

  1. You have to set the mood and make it enjoyable.

hot-pink-dress-with-straw-hat victorian-top-with-printed-shorts

Don’t overhaul your closet when you’re not in the mood as it may affect your judgment. You might think of turning on some tunes, grabbing your favorite drink and snacks, and get working. This way, you won’t toss everything just because of your mood swing and irrational reasons.

  1. Your wardrobe should make you feel amazing every day.

floral-print-top-with-flared-pants boho-top-with-denim-skirt

What you wear affects your mood, so your wardrobe must consist of items that will make you feel great and beautiful. Think of the ensembles that fit perfectly on you, colors that flatter your skin tone, and clothes that show your personality. This way, you’ll get a greater style and easier life.

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