5 Lessons to Learn from Your Shopping Mistakes

Shopping can be a means of keeping your wardrobe fashionable and modern. However, if you’ve found a lot of unworn items in your closet, or ones that you rarely wear, there might be some shopping mistakes you’ve done in the past that contributed into a cluttered closet. Before purging your closet and shopping for fresh pieces, keep on reading for the 5 lessons you can learn from your shopping mistakes so you’ll be a savvy shopper.

  1. Always have a shopping list to avoid impulsive buying.

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tote bag with casual outfit cold shoulder sweater with boots

Whether it’s a current sale item, or new arrival piece, having a shopping list will keep your unwanted spending under control. Many of women can be “emotional shoppers,” where our emotions take over logic. Seasonal clothes may be essential, but you still have to keep a list to ensure you’re buying something you need and not one of the multiple items in your closet.

  1. Don’t compromise on a great fit, style, or quality just because it’s sale.

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If a garment doesn’t fit well, that means you’ll probably never wear it. Some women invest on “motivational” clothing that they would love to wear when they lose or gained some pounds, yet they’ll sit in your closet for a long time till you convince yourself that you don’t like to wear them, which means no matter how much cheaper it was, you just wasted money. Don’t compromise just because something is cheaper as sometimes you might just have to pay a little more for something that you will wear on a daily basis.

  1. Dress according to your preference and lifestyle to avoid unworn items sitting in your closet for years.

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Don’t think of “what ifs” and “someday” when going shopping as you need clothes that will flatter your present body. Some women have a lot of unworn clothing because they bought something that doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Whether it’s a tropical outfit you’ll like to wear soon, or workout clothes to inspire you losing weight, if the garment doesn’t belong to your lifestyle, don’t buy it.

  1. Define your style to avoid trial-and-error shopping.

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Style blogs, fashion magazines, and designer shows might inspire you to develop your style, but some of them can only make you try to look like someone else instead of yourself. Some of the bloggers are outlandish and eccentric that might inspire you to buy statement pieces that will be eye-catching enough. However, those women that looked great on their street looks, have their own style that might not flatter your personality. So, splurging on things that don’t define your personal style will only make them sit in your closet because you don’t want to wear them since they didn’t feel like you.

  1. Once you know what works for you, stick with it.

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Whether it’s a fashion boutique, signature style, or go-to uniform, you have to stick what works work you so you’ll avoid ending up with fashion pieces that you don’t like. By taking these lessons into consideration, you’ll be a savvy shopper with self-control and a woman with a great sense of style.

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