5 Lessons from Minimizing Your Wardrobe

Having clothes that are versatile and timeless can serve you well from your casual weekends to your evening parties. However, if you already find your closet full and stuffed, it may be a time for a closet purge. Since your clothes can’t be digitized, and your closet’s space must be occupied, keep on reading for the 5 lessons you can learn from minimizing your wardrobe.

  1. Clearing out old clothing is therapeutic.



What seems to be a chore at first is rather calming as you go along. Follow the easy routine of examining your clothes, review those damaged goods, and decide in or out that will make minimizing your wardrobe effortless. Like fashion blogger Laura Dittrich, you may be drawn towards neutral colored ensembles that you might want to keep, as well as trendy printed pieces that can make your street style hip and chic like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky did. In the calm of a weekend day, it can be a meditative task to focus on the here and now.

  1. It’s embarrassing what we keep around or forget to throw out.

black-maxi-dress cobalt-blue-shirtdress-with-mercury-sunglasses color-blocked-swimwear-with-shorts

You probably wouldn’t have noticed those embarrassing pieces you kept for a couple years as if you didn’t engage in this cleanse. Those Halloween costumes, ill-fitting clothes, worn-out jeans, unflattering swimwear, and stained clothes are no need to keep that around.

  1. Sentimentality is piqued by things, but inspired by brains.

black-lace-dress v-neck-sweater-with-sporty-socks casual-chic-outfit

Though most women are inherently pulled to place energy and emphasis in things, sometimes they’re one of the reasons why they have a stuffed closet. We name cars, put stickers on everything, and place creative cases on phones, all with the desire to make something nice and unique. If you’re holding sentiments on some fashion staples, yet not wearing them anymore, place them in a box instead, not inside your closet.

  1. Your nice things might be necessary things to another.

leather-jacket-with-white-skirt-and-structured-bag blazer-with-wide-leg-pants

If you have a lot of nice stuff that you rarely use, instead of just throwing it away, think of giving them to your friends and family that could be helpful for them. Sometimes we have a lot of motivational clothes in good condition yet we don’t love to wear. Instead of letting them sit in your closet for more years to come, you can decide to donate a couple more items to charities as donations to help others.

  1. Minimizing your wardrobe takes far less time than you think.


You may have procrastinated for weeks about getting rid of extra clothes as you didn’t want to let go of anything. However, that was also a tool to delay the inevitable. Minimizing your wardrobe takes less time than you think. As soon as you make your closet looks way better, you’ll feel easier and lighter than ever. By taking these lessons in mind, you’ll have a proper mindset on minimizing your wardrobe and making your morning dressing effortless.

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