5 Layering Outfit Ideas for this Month

Winter’s still here and the temps can still get chilly. With that being said, it is essential that you bundle up fashionably to keep yourself warm. If you have had enough of your usual styling tricks, then make sure to try these cool layering outfit ideas.

Shirt + Crop Top

Itching to wear your favorite crop top? Well, you can do so – even if it’s mighty cold outside! What you just need to do is wear your crop top with your favorite shirt. For an office-worthy look, pair your crop top with a button-down polo. However, if you are gunning for a casual look, know that your crop top will look superb over a simple sweater or long-sleeved top.

crop top over shirt

crop top over shirt outfit

Shirt + Dress

Want to wear your favorite dresses, but can’t because of the harsh cold? Worry not as it can come in handy for your layering outfit ideas. All you just need to do is wear a shirt (blouse or any other topper for that matter) underneath your dress. With this combo, you can sashay around town elegantly – without worrying about your comfort.

shirt under black dress shirt under dress

Dress + Skirt

A good dress can be one of your strongest fashion points, but wearing it all by itself can be a bit tedious – and chilly, of course. So if you are looking for layering outfit ideas that can up your style factor – and keep you warm as well – then go for a dress and skirt pairing. A combo revered by celebrities and fashionistas alike, this mix-up can help you achieve the ‘it’ factor – while keeping you nippy in these cold winter months.

skirt over pants outfit skirt over dress

Skirt + Pants/Leggings

Bundling up your torso is not the only way to go this winter. You can also keep your legs warm with fun layering outfit ideas. One style you should try out is the skirt over pants/leggings combo. This is a nice way to wear your summer/spring skirts – right before the said seasons come up.

skirt over pants skirt over dress outfit

Dress + Dress

If you are looking for classy layering outfit ideas to try out, then the dress plus dress combo is what you need. Again, this is a good way for you to be able to use your flirty summer and spring dresses. The key to pulling this look off is to wear dresses of different cuts and textures. However, make sure to pick dresses that have a common unifying denominator (say, a common shade) to create a chic, unified look.

dress over dress floral dress on top of dress

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