5 Knee High Boots to Splurge On

If you’re a shoe fanatic and you love boots, I’m sure that a nice, heaping portion of your shopping budget goes to designer pieces. Some people say you shouldn’t buy designer boots because you can’t really wear them all the time, and therefore won’t be giving you the most bang for your buck, but I think that if you have enough cash to splurge and you really like the boots, then go ahead and give it a try. Here are some knee high boots that are so worth splurging on for fall.

  1. Christian Louboutin Guerriere boots – these boots are the perfect ones to add to your outfit on days when you feel like channeling your inner badass chick out and you want just the right hint of rough and rugged combined with overall vibes of chic and fab. They are made of leather and they feature bondage-ish straps as well as, of course, the signature red Louboutin sole for that added sexy twist.christian-louboutin-guerriere-boots-style
    christian-louboutin-guerriere-boots-all-black-with-red-sole christian-louboutin-guerriere-boots
  2. Alexander Wang Gabi boots – Alexander Wang has always been known for his gorgeous creations, and his boots are no exception. For those of you ladies out there who love a good statement shoe, you know Alexander Wang is where it’s at. The Gabi boot, for example, is a fabulous fall boot that’s unique and definitely eye-catching — perfect for when you want a statement piece to complete your look.alexander-wang-gabi-ankle-boots alexander-wang-on-kendall-jenner
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Glitter Boots in Pink – you may have seen it before — the glittery pink goodness of gorgeous YSL boots — on the runway, in magazines, on the streets, worn by your favorite style icon. If you’re a girly girl who loves looking super glam, this boot is definitely something that you can splurge on.ysl-pink-boots-outfit ysl-pink-boots
  4. Tom Ford lace up boots – fall boots with just the right hint of summer sexiness — that’s every Tom Ford lace up boot. Undeniably chic and stylish, this style has become a favorite among fashionistas and stylephiles alike. Tom Ford has quite a few styles featuring lace up closures, and you’ll see many of them on magazines and fashion blogs so go ahead and start browsing!tom-ford-sexy-lace-up-boots-kylie-jennertom-ford-lace-up-boots
  5. Valentino Rockstud ankle boots – the rockstud line is one of Valentino’s best and most popular, and if you loved their rockstud shoes and sandals in the summer and spring, you’ll love the rockstud ankle boots from the fashion powerhouse. There’s quite a variety of styles, too, so you just know there’s at least a pair of two that you’ll fall in love with.valentino-gorgeous-boots valentino-nude-rockstud-boots valentino-rockstud-ankle-boots


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