5 Keys to Unlocking Your Style

Having a great sense of style doesn’t depend on solely understanding your body shape and personality. It requires more effort and time to develop your own fashion sense. So, keep on reading for the 5 keys to unlock your style.

  1. Pay attention to your body shape and proportions.



Knowing your body shape will tell you where to put the detail in your clothes as you may look for horizontal lines to balance, or add verticals to elongate. Body shapes may be classified as hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle and such while proportions are all about balance which is something we find most aesthetically appealing. Proportions tell you where to end hems, lengths of skirts, jackets, tops, sleeves and jewelry. They also tell you more about where to add interest and where to keep minimal attention. As a general rule, keep your waist definition defined to create womanly curves regardless of your outfit.

  1. Know your assets and flaws.

turtleneck-dress-with-nude-boots snake-print-blouse-with-cut-off-shorts

Knowing your assets and flaws will help to know which one to highlight and which one to conceal when dressing your frame. If the facial features are some of your assets, then do everything to highlight it. When we relate the shapes of the details in our clothing and accessories to our facial features, we create a harmony and resonance that is particularly pleasing. If you have enviable legs, then show it off with cut-off shorts and miniskirts.

  1. Dress for your individuality.

sheer-mesh-dress-with-flared-pants striped-skirt-with-graohic-topsweater-with-architectural-skirt

By dressing for your personality, you’ll express yourself even more, showing your uniqueness and creativity. We need to express who we are through everything we wear, and it will tell us whether we want to stick to or break our rules. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, go carefree and sexy with a sheer mesh dress teamed with flared pants and coat.

  1. Create balance with your accessories and clothes.

chic-hat-with-polo-dress-and-doctors-bag gladiators-with-striped-top-and-structured-bag

Balance is important when picking accessories and clothes. Scale tells you how large or small your accessories that you need to create a harmonious look. The textures you choose will be influenced by your personality and your body shape, but also by your appearance. There are so many different fabrics that can flatter your frame whether it’s thick, chunky, fine, furry, smooth, soft, buttery, and such. Also, your body type will tell you which will be the most flattering and comfortable fabrics, both weight and drape to choose.

  1. Pick the flattering colors for your complexion.

5-black-dress-with-gray-coat 5-pastel-blue-top-with-structured-bottom 5-brown-jacket-with-jeans

Colors either harmonize with your natural complexion, or they create a dissonance, which can be unpleasant, or even make you appear sickly. If you’re pale, pastel pinks and other light shades are great for you while black will create a stark contrast on you. So, pick the colors that bring out the best and you and skip those that won’t make you glow. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to unlock your style in no time.

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