5 Keys to Styling with Confidence

Style is empowering, and the first step in coming into your own look is having bold confidence. What you wear should make you feel good about yourself. But, if you’re not feeling keen about what you’re wearing, it’s time to switch it up. So, keep on reading for the 5 keys to styling with confidence.

  1. Bring out different characters in your life with your clothes.


sexy-red-tube-party-dress ripped-jeans-with-biker-vest

Don’t be misled as styling yourself is not about hiding your identity. In fact, playing with your outfit choices is a way to bring out different characters in your life. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you can channel a sexy and glamorous look with a red silk dress perfect for an evening party, or a pair of ripped jeans and a biker vest on your casual weekends to channel some tough-girl vibe. If you are feeling something, just wear it.

  1. Show off your artistic skills and creativity through your outfits.

geometric-print-dress-with-clutch geometric-sandals-with-frilly-dress

Your style is the most visible mode of self-expression. Remember, fashion is a form of art. The styles of the decades are some of the greatest, most tangible examples of societal progression and cultural phenomena of each era. So, take pride in what you wear and what it says about you. Like fashion bloggers Jennifer and Desiree Selmanovic, you may start with a geometric print dress and go for a bolder style when you’re comfortable enough in it.

  1. Make your everyday dressing fun.

casual-dress-with-quirky-clutch cuffed-jeans-with-cat-eyes-sunglasses-and-jacket

If getting dressed every morning feels like pulling teeth, you’re doing it wrong. Just relax and enjoy what you’ve got to work with. Though styling resources are excellent ways to get an enjoyable experience, the basis of your style choices should come naturally to you. If they don’t you’ll just think so much, making it feels stressful and pain. Your day-to-day outfit should reflect your personality and make you feel the best. For some, it’s all about comfort. For others, standing out is a priority.

  1. Practice makes perfect.

cut-out-boots-with-casual-outfit nude-skirt-with-cut-out-bandeau-top

Not only with styling choices but with the way you think about yourself. Make a habit of giving yourself credit for being you and loving it. Confidence is the best accessory, so work it. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you can update your feminine outfit of a white top and a pink mermaid skirt with a pastel pink biker jacket that looks bold, modern, and classy at the same time that will refresh your typical girly style.

  1. Be strikingly new, unusual, or different.

mermaid-skirt-with-pink-leather-jacket statement-outfit-with-pink-bag

If you wish to look unique, original, and confident, take the time to try new things. Mix up the pieces you have in different ways. You’ll be more confident knowing you have your original style choices and not a copycat of a prominent style blogger and celebrity. Finding your own sense of style can be a challenge, but if you’re confident enough to stand with your choices, you’ll realize that you are your greatest style inspiration.

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