5 Keys to Being a Sharp Dressed Woman

Most women begin the day by getting dressed in their fashion uniforms or creative outfits. If that could help you instill a sense of confidence and grace, it will be much easier to project it outwards as the day goes on. So, keep on reading for the 5 keys to being a sharp dressed woman.

  1. Think style not fashion.



Being a sharp dressed woman is not about trying to keep up with the latest trends of the moment, as it is about finding a personal style that is comfortable and that works for you. Remember, style is a personal thing that takes a lifetime to develop and getting dressed is about being yourself. Trends and fashions come and go, and will no doubt influence your style as they wax and wane. Some will stick with you, some won’t, and some will completely pass you by. If you can dress in a way that combines elements of your own personality and style, you’ll look more confident and smart.

  1. Take advantage of your wardrobe to work towards being the woman you want to be.

floral-print-skirt-with-nude-blouse-and-translucent-heels wide-leg-pants-with-wrap-blouse white-suit-with-winter-coat

An important aspect of being a sharp dressed woman is that it can help you develop long-term goals for personal achievement. For instance, structured blazers and coats convey power and professionalism, while jeans suggest comfort and functionality. That’s also the reason while you feel more confident and sexy in a pair of heels, over a pair of comfortable flats. Remember, the way you dress is a huge part of the image of yourself you put out into the world. So, dress sharply whatever your profession to demonstrate a level of competence, confidence, and credibility.

  1. Look good, feel good.

floral-print-graphic-dress-with-classic-pumps ruffled-top-with-pastel-pink-skirt

Apart from looking good, you can also feel good when you dress well. You may actually use your outfits to set the tone for your feelings and attitude throughout the day. Being appropriately well-dressed helps you feel confident and at ease with your surroundings rather than worried about being under-dressed or out of place. If you can dress in a way that combines elements of your own personality and style, it will be a good day indeed.

  1. Think of being well-dressed as an act of self-discipline.

all-black-outfit-with-heels fall-outfit-with-structured-coat

Being neat and properly attired is a form of self-discipline. Though some women look effortless in their elegant and sleek outfits, it actually takes a great deal of strength to maintain. Looking fine can be easy, but looking sharp is hard. Remember, there is something about a well-dressed woman that suggests a strength of character and personality.

  1. Make your style personal and rise above the rest.

checkered-skirt-with-chic-sweater winter-white-outfit-with-chic-shoes graphic-print-pencil-skirt-with-yellow-top

While you might not have access to the scores of designer pieces, it is still possible to add a dose of personality to a simple look. If your typical office environment is a little less fashion-forward, keep the “flair” restrained with classic colors and prints. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, it is always possible to dress with style and personality by just wearing a classic printed skirt with your plain top that will still look professional in a conservative workplace. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look sharp and professional on your everyday looks.

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